Why all of the Double Standards?

Why all of the Double Standards?

liberty scale purpleIf there is anything that needs to be worked on in this country ⸻ in fact, it appears that the more of this glaring stipulation is and will continue to cause two or more political party messes, unfair mainstream media reporting, as well as continue to aggravate and confuse our children ⸻ due to Double Standards.

I cannot and will not speak for anyone but myself for obvious reasons. However, when I personally witness these double standards, it tends to take me off point and drives me to correct it.

Having stated that I want to ask you – do you see any or are the two political parties holding different standards at different people? From my perspective, I was vaulted into the area of distrust with the entire Obama administration. Certainly, we have discussed the mores of Benghazi, Solyndra, lawlessness within the IRS, the assistance of our military in the ousting of President Gaddafi, illegal immigration, DACA, PADA and the moves to lessen the penalties on an estimated 5 million illegal immigrants. But the Obama administration referred to these events as “scandals.”     Hillary clint

Seriously, one could expect some riff-raff coming from other former administrations. I guess it is something to expect especially when the Obama administration fouled so many issues up. No, no, don’t get me wrong here – I am not saying that I condone what this one only administration has done; subsequently, what I am trying to make clear is that from Obama’s White House staff all the way through his administration – before President George Bush had even exited his office he was a victim to the Obama elite. And now – nothing has changed except for Obama is getting favorable press while President Trump should be in adulation.

Now to address the General Flynn episode. This one could be very interesting insofar as we do have additions to our Constitution called amendments. Addressing the very first amendment, Congress and the whole of America tells us that we are to speak freely. Now, there are about double figure millions of high school kids roaming all over American streets that haven’t even recognized this.

standard header writers-tools (1)Allow me to please ask for your response, we there any lies, misrepresentations, miscommunications, fibs or plain falsities told in the Obama administration? I’ll start with Barack Obama and Ambassador Susan Rice and his cronies in the FBI as well as the CIA and NSA that openly lied to Americans about an eight minute video that appeared on YouTube that caused the killing of American men, SEAL’s, an Ambassador and how many Libyans, Muslims, and others were killed that we never heard about.

And then, in brief, Hillary D. Rodham Clinton? It was proved by the FBI and others that she did in fact, leaked classified or confidential even Top Secret data not only to our enemies’ ⸻ rather the entire world! How and why? Seems as though everyone knew of her private server because it was attached to every email she ever wrote!

So please let this stand as a “Stop It with the Double Standards!”

Why not trying to let the President of this great nation be the president?

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