What’s going on…Ferris…Bueller…Bueller…anyone?

What’s going on…Ferris…Bueller…Bueller…anyone?

_35I do believe that this task can and should be accomplished. I believe we can regenerate American society, restore the greatness of American civilization, and reestablish the American economy while we remake the structure of American government. It is easy for me to say this because of the decay and sluggishness of American education as well as the failure of the welfare state. We need to be ready to reinstall our historic principles.

Elder Americans who grew up with the confidence and convictions of World War II and the Cold War are eager for a rebirth of priceless American values. Baby-boomers who grew up with the counterculture are now sober and mature enough to see that many of the principles used and/or demanded during their time simply will not work. Younger Americans – from Generation X on down – know from personal experience that a culture of violence, ignorance, with the government having a huge demoralizing debt and having difficulty telling the straight truth to the American people poses an enormous threat to their future.                  oig-immigrationreport-p1-normal

We must renew American civilization! We must be able to teach our children what America was like and how to reinvigorate that passion. From the very beginning of the American civilization as far back as 1609 until 1965 there was one continuous civilization built around a set of commonly accepted legal and cultural parameters and language.

Jamestown colony and the Pilgrims, through de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America, up to the Norman Rockwell paintings of the 1940 and 1950s there was a clear sense of what it meant to be an American. Furthermore, rather than to move into an enormous debate the American civilization is based on a spiritual and moral dimension.

Since January 20, 2016, the demands made as well as the person in which these demands would be ferried into the American culture are not getting the support that is needed by the public domain. I try every single day to make a contribution to which I voted for ⸻ that is a commitment I made in order to keep a person who commits a broad brush of felonies against the national security of our civilization.

Speaking for no one here but myself, I find it hypocritical that true Americans would react the way they did during the last election ⸻ and carry on the way especially younger Americans are at present. The protesting is not authentic but coached, unethical, exploited, embellished, paid for, and too many auxiliary groups are getting involved when they have no place being there for starters.




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