U.S. Intelligence agencies need Clarity, Source information, and Reliability

U.S. Intelligence agencies need Clarity, Source information, and Reliability

300I cannot speak, write, or debate for anyone but myself. Yet, this situation does not preclude me from at least trying ⸻ with some reasonable amount of clarity and conciseness about what it is that they are trying to talk about. Everyone who visits this site can surely attest to my impression or understanding with regards to the leadership of our Nation.

Being altogether more specific ⸻ how many of us can say with 100% certainty that we trust our leaders? If there is any legacy that Mr. Barack Obama should be left with ⸻ make no doubt about it whatsoever. Barack Obama should be left with a legacy of a lying, cheating, and coward.

How many of us trust our Nation’s leadership when, for years of lying and misrepresenting policies, not even asking the public about various legislation passed and with an imperial presidency that disregards our ‘rule of law’ ⸻ The US Constitution through either just making judgments, or by executive orders?

Now I like to ask you this question. How many of you out there trust information on a loretta_lynch_official_photoreport submitted by a US Intelligence Agency that is given in “trust and faith.” How many of you trust James Clapper? Hillary Rodham Clinton? National Security advisor Susan Rice? Senator John McCain? Senator Schumer? Representative (Rep.) Elijah Cummings? Rep. Nancy Pelosi? Trust or believe me when I say this list contains a lot more individuals that have lied and been caught in the very lie they spoke.

How could anyone trust the FBI or their esteemed director, John Comey? Can anyone

trust the US Attorney General Loretta Lynch after she met with William “Bill” Clinton in a clandestine meeting aboard a jet paid for by the US taxpayer to somehow influence the election? Now isn’t that the same proof that may be suggested about Russian involvement in the 2016 general election?


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