Now, it is your turn, what can you do to make the USA a better place..?

Now, it is your turn, what can you do to make the USA a better place..?

starbucks2The title as you read it means exactly what it says ⸻ I invite every one of you to come to a local Starbuck’s preferably around where I live and let’s have a cuppa or two and talk about this and by the way, I’ll pick up the coffee tab!

I would like for this article to come out exactly the way I planned it; therefore, I mean no offense to the members of the millennial generation and none should be taken. No one is going to be attacking you subsequently, only asking for some suggestions.

As for me this political change in Washington D.C., simply could not come at a better time ??????????????????in U.S. History. Most of us within that generation lived through the tumultuous years of the Democratic Party as well as former President Barack Obama’s administration. I did not see a lot of “Hope and Change” except for illegal immigrants, executive orders, treating citizens one would expect from a third world nation, and a whole lot of babysitting, making everything that humankind needs or not necessarily so, available, like expanded unemployment insurance, benefactors, okay then, having the Democratic Party in control ostensibly means “let’s make sure that everyone gets something.” Like food stamps, or other interests in the SNAP program.

There are times when I just cannot control these fingers of mine ⸻ now we have protesting, movements ad nausea, and just about everyone under twenty-six complaining about being covered on Mom and Pop’s Obamacare plan.  When we get into the hearty specifics of it, I continue to have difficulties stemming out of ladies wanting birth control devices and day after pills placed into Obamacare or paid for by the government.

Furthermore, I do have a lot of disparities when it comes to government funded day care services, partial-birth abortions, moreover, these doctors much the same as that one outside of Philadelphia, PA.

Most of our dedicated readers here know that I spent a great deal of time and money pursuing how to make a better education system. Some things worked and others didn’t. At least I tried! I am truly sorry for what has happened to post-secondary education up to know. I believe that most institutions of higher learning have, or are in the process of pricing themselves right out of competition. I realize that there will always be those demands for the Ivy League education. However, when it gets right down to it, any school, college, or university worth its salt should be on the next horizon for true advancement and that at an affordable price.

I have had the pleasure of experiencing the highbrow private institutions as well as the lowbrow public institutions. And I defy anyone to say a thing about the University of Virginia or Virginia Tech, or the University of Michigan, for that matter then any school wearing the states name.

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