Trying to “Fix America”

Trying to “Fix America”

Readers, please try and remember this statement from a different story at a different time images2NI1D3YWof America’s history. “If you’re not fighting against the mob, [then] you’re enabling it.”

How many more times does it take before someone named Sgt. Rock has you in his own 41oabvtxrsl-_ac_us160_little custody somewhere and beating you about the head and mouth? For goodness sakes, I sat for over a year and watched Republicans and their crony counterparts the Democrats make every reference about President Trump imaginable. Mr. Trump’s lighter side, his racist side, his racist side, his xenophobe side, his against women side, and you I hope can relate with me that no matter what he was called or alluded too, he still won the election.

Between Billary Clinton’s campaign man, Podesta, and her little off the cuff remarks they and you are pointing at the wrong man. Who else other than those pre-Abraham Lincoln guys had billions tucked neatly into everywhere, who knows these people they will be dealing with personally, and are above all of the nonsensical politics some person without a life are claiming using social media?     Propaganda pic4s

It is those people who I know walked under Obama’s spells. Hey! Please have a look at the prior two posts on this same page or ask your teachers or professors, about how many elections that the USA has clearly been a blockade too.

Now rather than it be the Russian’s for you folks, it could be anyone! Try the Democratic Party! It literally appalls me that the entire electoral process has come to those of you who couldn’t pass a ninth grade civics test!

the-goooo21As for me I’ll tell ya — the bloody politicians in this nation have gone so far overboard and easy for you — I say, stop all immigration, all refugees, asylum-seekers, etc., etc. Unless these drones in the swamp can leave insider trading alone with all of their double standards-above-the-law behavior, hey! What are you waiting for?



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