SLOW DOWN America!

SLOW DOWN America!

obamacare1 - Copy - CopyI have no difficulty saying or intimating this notion with just about anyone in my plausibility structure or sphere of influence. In more ways than one I have wished, and actually, have said these precise words to the leader of my congressional district here in Maryland.

Sure, most of us who have lived for a while at least can remember the pace when we were younger. Yet nonetheless in my generation we were told to “settle down’ or to ‘hold your horses’ or if it were my father it would be a plain flat out, ‘knock it off’ or ‘oh now you’re going to get it!’”

Unfortunately for many of us Americans, patience or going with the flow just has not been our forte՜. Face it! We are a convenience oriented society. We even have various expressions for this behavior. “Hey, no cutting in the line.” Seriously rather than to say “I believe you’re in my place” people here would much rather embarrass someone else with, “Hey no cuts!” or “You’re cutting in the line!”

I use the verbiage of being a convenience oriented society to perhaps instill just a little dignity when we are so used to, or expect something done immediately! How many people reading this article can remember say, when pizzas weren’t delivered? Okay good then how about the rotatory telephone dial? So now when I see a little person, or preteen, elementary school student texting his mates or his girlfriend with his iPhone, this is what I mean by a convenience oriented society.  pizza1

Now just to serve some respect to whomever ⸻ how many mistakes have been made by politicians especially when voting on immigration reform? Seriously now, these people make their living sitting on their rumps why hurry up and vote?

This comes on the heels of a brilliant news commentator asking a guest (expert) why it could take up to three years to Repeal Obamacare? Well for one (without excuses), look at the shocking way the Democrats got it passed; two, was this Obamacare program ever ready to start (my vote is no!) three, how much money did Obama count on from the should be vanquished IRS, citizenry, special interest groups, La Raza?

Picture1I would much rather see America take its time with the perfection of doing something right with the proper amount of time than to see our convenience-oriented society (Obama EVERYTHING). Here is a great video for everyone to watch about your nation!  Go America!  


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