The Supposed Journalism is too far out

The Supposed Journalism is too far out

_35I woke in the middle of the night, as I have nearly every night since the U.S. presidential election, roused by a dream disturbing enough to stir me from sleep but nebulous enough to have lost the most salient details upon waking. I reached for my phone to check the time—3:20 AM–and saw dozens of text, Facebook, and twitter notifications. Friends around the world, from Arkansas to Australia, were checking in to see if I’d heard the news: Fidel Castro had died in Cuba at the age of 90.

Nah! Not for me! I cannot consider a friend or enemy, relative, or whomever that would have contacted me to inform me of this person’s death.

By morning, A1s and home pages around the U.S. were, for the first time since November 9, less focused on the U.S. election and its aftermath, instead of looking outward again, finally. Every outlet, it seemed, led with the story of Castro’s death, perhaps the most anticipated demise of our time.

Though Castro had been ill for at least a decade and his age alone was predictor enough that his death was imminent, his passing was hardly anti-climactic, as the cheering crowds in Miami’s Little Havana, shooting off fireworks and banging their cooking pots in the streets, proved. Depending upon which headline resonated most with the reader, the world’s most brutal dictator, America’s arch-nemesis, or the rabble-rousing thorn in the side of the United States was gone, once and for all.

So let’s go for it, shall we? It’s the mood I’m in so here goes. There is not a place on this planet that should be celebrating more! The commander-in-chief is now no longer among us. Personally, my feelings for the man were never mixed and never positive! I witnessed a man who rose to fame ⸻ of course, the wrong way ⸻ by killing tens of thousands, maybe millions just like his mate in China did. Or even his closest allies, Stalin and Khrushchev.

Unbeknownst to many, Castro had an opportunity to bask in his wealth in real luxury and all he had to do was keep his promises…but no! He left this earth a pauper and unfortunately for Cuba sad, very sad.


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