Something I like…”44″

Something I like…”44″ since I don’t have to use the name

B2045_tnIf you are conservative say in your beliefs, moral values, or even in your memory we are sure you would love the site called The Young Conservatives. Just doing some daily rounds today before raking leaves in my yard — all day long — I did actually have a chance at reflecting on this fine article and especially how it was logically presented.

The people revolted against Barack Obama’s policies in 2010, 2014, and 2016.

Sure, he won in 2008 and 2012, but that’s because his name was on the ticket.

That’s the only reason why Democrats won. Wait a minute here; I don’t believe that the Democrats actually won.

If you look at the ’16 post-election map, you’ll notice it looks like someone spilled red paint all over it.

That’s because the nation is far more conservative than it is liberal.       b-ijxajciaa0r70

The majority of votes Hillary Clinton earned came from California, New York, and a few other highly progressive states.

People are turning against liberals because they’re starting to realize the policies put forth only serve to hold them back.

Check out 44 in Germany.

Does he tell anti-American, anti-Trump protesters to stop beating people and destroying property?


People are literally calling for Melania Trump to be raped, and 44 says nothing.

A Trump supporter was dragged from his car and beaten, and 44 remains silent.

We can’t forget about this recent incident, either…

Dude is a joke.

Won’t be remembered for much other than dividing the nation and fighting for socialist healthcare.

Congrats, Obama. What a legacy.



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