Who We are as a People, part IV

Who We are as a People, part IV

World Sailing MapSome twists and turns just to allude to some small examples. Please consider what this means. In some refugee taking nations the citizenry has been warned that it is their duty to accommodate themselves to newly arrived refugees and not to place politically incorrect demands upon them — that is, not to demand that the refugees adapt to the nation’s style.

At about, this point aren’t we all asking “about what”? Of course, this narrative is written trying not to mention the exact nations that are involved, yet imagine if the USA allowed refugees into the nation and were prohibited from saying, “It is not customary to urinate outside against the wall – the place has many restrooms inside for such behavior.” In essence what I am attempting to arrive at is that many, if not most nations taking on refugees’ are not to ask or otherwise demand said refugees from assimilating into the culture of the nation they are welcomed into.

In fact, a certain complex nation has advised the host nation women that if they are to go out and don’t want to be harassed by refugee males they should either wear a head dressing to cover their heads or make sure to be accompanied by a male when leaving home. Someone tell me please, that this will not become a part of America’s politically correct future.

Angela Merkel, like Barack Obama, bases her immigration policy on a globalist view of the world. Sounds very much like the Immigration and Naturalization Law of 1965, where “quotas were the talk of the day” and shortly thereafter came the Visa Lottery, yes just the way it sounds, play those numbers and if selected everything you could ever need will be paid for by the US taxpayer.  Map and Scope_1

Secretary of State John Kerry propounded this view in a recent commencement address, warning Americans that we must prepare ourselves for a “borderless world.”

This paragraph is important inasmuch as if the readers can remember the Founding generation and the notion of people owning the rights first and then allowing a duly elected representative to exercise those rights in government procedures, then continue on.

511ri2kcf-l-_ac_us160_It is of critical importance to understand that the world without borders is a world without citizens, and the world without citizens is a world without the rights and privileges that attach exclusively to citizenship. Rights and liberties exist only in separate and independent nations; they are the exclusive preserve of the nation-state.

Constitutional government only succeeds in the nation-state, where the just powers of government are derived from the consent of the governed. By contrast, to see the globalist principle in practice, look at the European Union. The EU is not a constitutional government; it is an administrative state ruled by unelected bureaucrats. It attempts to do away with both borders and citizens, and it replaces rights and liberty with welfare and regulation as the objects of its administrative rule.


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