Who We Are as a People..?

Who We Are as a People..?

I can only take partial credit for this article. I was reading some academic source filled entertainment when I came across another article that really inspired me. Subsequently, I decided to take part in the conversation by adding a lot of my own quibbles. We do hope you enjoy this article!

kgucxcnt_biggerHas anything provoked the ire of America’s bipartisan political class as much as Mr. Trump’s recent proposal that the U.S. should suspend the acceptance of refugees from Syria and other terrorist-supporting nations until we find a way of perfecting the screening process to ensure that we are not admitting terrorists or terror sympathizers?

On its face, this proposal was not in the least unreasonable. Most of these refugees do not have adequate documentation, intelligence agencies do not have sufficient information to determine whether or not they have terrorist connections or intend to engage in terrorism, and the heads of our security agencies have warned that active terrorists will inevitably slip through the security cracks. Nor is it as if there was no reasonable alternative.

300px-USCISLogoEnglishDon’t you, the readers, believe it would be better, as Trump and others have suggested, to address the refugee crisis by setting up security zones in Syria or other Middle Eastern countries where refugees could find safety and where Muslim nations might feel obligated to help finance their care? In addition to making sense from a national security perspective, this arrangement would also have been a more humane situation, since it would not have uprooted the refugees from their homelands and injected them into an alien way of life.

Now, this very situation is by my sole account is what is causing a tremendous amount of cultural divide in America right now. It does appear to me that when people albeit, illegally, legally, asylum-seeking individuals not cognizant of their other family members who may not be with them, or refugees or anyone seeking to live in the USA are properly doing now as they enter into a whole different set of issues, values, morals and ethical codes that we live by and contribute to here in America. When was the last attempt of assimilation of the American way demonstrated to you?

LiarsWhy are our political leaders, despite these facts, willing to expose the nation to such potential danger? Okay please, last night I happened upon the O’Reilly Factor television show. As we all should know is that the show features “Watters’ World” wherein Jesse Watters does his man about town interviews. Well got to hand it to Messrs. Watters and O’Reilly for airing these interviews.

Imagine the scene in downtown New York City in front of Trump’s Plaza where Mr. Watters is interviewing protestors in particular about their motives. It did seem that the majority of protestors were from the Millennial generation insofar as most were college age. The first person who volunteered I think she was from Yale or Harvard or suffice it to say an Ivy League school, just started talking about what was going to happen to Obamacare?

yaleShe further went on to explain that under current policy she was able to stay on her parents’ health insurance program until she reached 26-years of age. But when she graduated college, she could no longer do that and would have to independently procure health insurance. Say what? Another person still in her twenties gripped about the environment and what would happen if Trump got elected? Β cornell

Goodness, gracious! Now if you don’t mind I’d like to share that Yale University made taking tests or even going to class the day after the election “optional;” while at Cornell the students were organizing “Cry ins” for those who needed to cry. Columbia University was offering “Hug ins” for those who needed a hug.

Here ladies and gentlemen are our leaders of tomorrow. I do believe that these are the people who cried and moaned their way into Barack Obama’s heart and the rubbish is still tumbling down. All Trump needed to do was to listen to the people.


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