Seventy times Seven?

Seventy times Seven?

lighted crossPlease be advised that I would try to never pretend about my spirituality. Having stated this in several posts by now I would think it would be safe to draw a conclusion that especially in matters concerning Scripture ⸻ or the word of God, I do not think that is alright to openly argue about translation or to cast a dissenting perspective.

As we know from other discussions done here or elsewhere, that this is not appropriate behavior. Furthermore, as we are instructed in The Bible it would cause us dishonor as well as grave scrutiny if we were to without conscience interrupt a Pastor, Reverend, Priest or whoever publically.cross fish

This is also a place where we are instructed to be gentle and kind asking (when of course they are done) to set up a meeting, coffee, or what have you to discuss the matter in private. As for me, this kind of communication is meant for Bible studies, other forms of Scriptural study, or simply asking for clarification. Whenever I see and hear two people or more in a debate or blatant argument over the word of God that is when I will excuse myself and ask if the folks wouldn’t mind a gentle word and then ask them to stop immediately.

It makes me sick when I see the “elder” Christians using their weight to bombard a“newer” person in Christ simply because he or she thinks their interpretation is better. If in fact, it is better than it certainly can wait until the proper circumstance avails itself.

Okay and thank you very much for reading. However, now for my big dilemma. I need your help and assistance. There are also other passages in the various books of the Bible that direct us when to forgive and directions about doing so.  dove

I need your help and assistance finding a particular reference about gently confronting the individual(s) who definitely have wronged you. We are talking about ⸻ say, someone, you knew in high school or better still, a relative ⸻ who just let into you about anything and everything you may or may not have done. It gets worse ⸻ after years of being spoken to like a fool this person just sort of writes you off only after writing you a hate filled the letter with nothing but vehemence and foul implications about the way you seem to him/her.

Christ FishSo as instructed, you pray and pray then decide that this person is just not that worth the turmoil and hatred being received by you. WAIT! Ten (10) years goes by and you get an email titled, Bury the Hatchet? Well in the interest of self-preservation you were the one who disenfranchised any and all communication with this individual and quite frankly, where does one go to find a buried hatchet?

I think the answer in human language is fairly clear. But what I am asking for is your help with this dilemma that is clearly stated in The Bible. Believe me, just as soon as I am done with this writing, my plan is to read Ephesians and probably II Corinthians for starters; yet, as of late my stats here have been delightfully increasing and predicated upon my comments I would entertain anyone’s suggestion. By the way, this is being written on election night ⸻ I sure am glad this one is over, how about you?

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