It may be Meaningless to some, however, not to this One

It may be Meaningless to some, however, not to this One

_35Before I go off and get consumed with this day’s writing I feel as though I owe the readers, passersby’s and especially the followers of this site a grandiose apology. Why one may ask? I was re-reading again a group of writing tips early this morning which states that one of the biggest tips to writing consistently is to set a time each time one is going to sit down and hammer it out.

Yet, not as an excuse by any means, because I do exactly that — I have a select time when the fingers strike the keys every morning. But where the apology comes in is that I sometimes get into “writer’s rush” which takes me to unpredictable finishing times. Then I must get into my normally — last bit of sharing for the day or mostly evenings, my contribution to The Contemplative Thinker. So please, I ask for your forgiveness and above all to each of you, I am very sorry.

Therefore, today I have been really rolling about in my head if there is a higher degree of racial animus today in 2016 than there was say in the eight years prior to that with the Bush administration. Why would I even care? Then again — if that is the kind of person I was, then I suppose I wouldn’t be thinking about it – all day long. So here are my results based solely on critical thinking.Head Start

As far as my thinking goes I believe that my thoughts about what is not equal or humane to any member of society in this nation starting with rights of course, to me, this would not be equality. Then again when I read the “Demand List” from the Black Lives Matter organization, as for me, the one thing I did not want to see was anything remotely involving reparations.


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