It is Time to do the Right Thing..!

          It is Time to do the Right Thing..!

hillary_collage_resizedTime for some well-known facts. Or, should it be made very open that these facts are known not only to me, but I would suggest that most of you who are reading this article would welcome the facts.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is a criminal. Now to be more open with you, there exist a category for her type of criminal behavior. Some would say that Hillary Clinton is not only a repeat offending crook but also a pathological criminal that for some reason is careless of whether or not she gets caught.

We will, of course, try and limit this scope of criminal behavior to Hillary Clinton’s time whilst married to the most powerful leader in the free world — or from mansion to mansion to the White House — or perhaps what we know that she has been a prime suspect. Basically, then, we are urging each of our readers to look and predicated upon what you find here, there or everywhere consider what you are either going to do (voting wise, or changing your vote) based on that decision.

We would also like to make mention of recidivism rates and what determines a criminal from a noncriminal for this reason we intend on showing through our words that Hillary Rodham Clinton has no (zero) room for television advertising and stump talk about any other person’s behavior until that bolder is removed from her own eye(s) first.

  • How many of our reader’s remember the outrage over the White House china and flatware as well as other historically precious gifts that Mrs. Clinton stole from the White House? For those who do not already know, this is considered theft of property we own. Therefore, Hillary Clinton stole from you and me.


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