The (Obama) Justice Department

The (Obama) Justice Department

loretta_lynch_official_photoThe Justice Department moved Monday to quell the outrage and frenetic speculation surrounding FBI Director James B. Comey’s disclosure last week that the bureau has resumed its investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server after discovering a new trove of emails.

We do not feel that there has been an outrage, frenetic speculation surrounding FBI Director James B. Comey’s decision to resume the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server. What is happening is the overwhelming frustration and the “fix it” investigation, that this particular Director tried to openly fool the American population with; moreover, the curse he put forth on the heads of every respectable FBI worker, agent or special agent that view the first outcome far differently than Mr. Comey did.

The department signaled that it now wants the politically charged investigation to follow standard procedures, including a strict limit on official comments about the probe and the provision of updates to Congress through routine channels.06comeytranscript-master768

I would love to agree with this aforementioned demand but the people “playing by different rules and laws” must remember these little constitutional issues such as Freedom of speech, no censoring of the press, as well as treating everyone the same which is by the law of the land without exception.

But after Comey’s highly unusual disclosure last week rocked the final days of the presidential campaign, it may prove impossible for Justice to lower the temperature and regain control over how the investigation is conducted and depicted to the public.

On Monday, criticism of Comey continued to mount, notably from prominent former law enforcement officials. Democrats and Republicans alike on Capitol Hill amplified their demands that Comey and Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch provide a more detailed account of the investigation into the emails, which were found on a computer belonging to former congressman Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) earlier this fall.

Justice is a staid and secretive department, and on Monday officials tried to restore that traditional bearing, trying to tamp down the highly public disclosures about a confidential investigation. Hear-hear!

Mind you — everyone; unfortunately, the folks here at The Contemplative Thinker do not have the power to do this but for all it’s worth: We suggest starting at the top — there you go — with Barack Hussein Obama who would have known about all of these various servers and to whom they belonged. Seems to me that with the number of cyber-attacks the USA has gone through — DMV, Voter registration rolls, credit card data, every paycheck producing company, Amazon, Sears, all department stores that use a documentation register, it sure seems to me that the FBI would be all over this. This, of course, says nothing about the missile connectivity the Clinton introduced to the Chinese government.

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