Six Huge Blunders from the Obama Presidency

Six Huge Blunders from the Obama Presidency             unnamed

The following are the six (6) main blunders that have happened to us — the American people — pursuant to the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama. I would like to list who these blunders came from, moreover, who was responsible for reporting them.

  • 1 – Spending period: When President Barack Obama took office the nation had a mor4e money - Copydeficit of 10.6 trillion dollars. Now after seven (7) plus years in office that figure has doubled to approximately 21 trillion dollars. There have been significant issues during his time as president such as bringing home soldiers and some equipment; however, Mr. Obama has spent in ways that only a democrat is able to do; such as, the Affordable Care Act, Welfare reform and superfluously non-essential government waste.
  • Increased Regulations: Since the Obama presidency took over most people believe that the USA has become the “Regulatory State Commission” meaning, of course, that Obama has seen to a government intervention in almost every walk of life to include, many regulations that the several states are currently suing his administration for such as trans-whatever people and their need for restroom facilities. Alone, President Obama has instituted more than 200 plus regulation that will cost Americans untold scores of dollars.  obamacare
  • The Affordable Care Act which is also known as ObamaCare has been an unequivocal disaster. From his earliest promises of “You like and want to keep your doctor, then go ahead and keep your doctor…period.” Just another lie with what has been anything but affordable. To date with the closures of 23 or more of Co-Ops this alone has cost Americans in excess of 1.2 billion dollars; furthermore, there are 740,000 additional people without health-care coverage. And has your premium gone down as promised? Oh heck no, they’re continuing to rise.
  • Poverty: Did you expect anything different? One only needs to check the unemployment rolls or wait weekly for the jobless report to be broadcast to realize that Americans have had it with this emperor. In the year 2009 there were 30 million people on Food Stamps, yet in 2014 there were in excess of 58 million people collecting these food stamps that used to be for real poverty — now as I have written cronies are using this gift of eating to benefit themselves of millions of dollars and millionaires collecting them without reprisal.  about-the-us-news-education-rankings-methodologies
  • Education: The Obama administration through the Department of Education has lured in excess of 40 states to get them to agree to his program of “Common Corp” curriculum to the overwhelming amount of over 4.3 billion dollars thus starting a national education service. As far as Spending is concerned who’s money are they using?   crown
  • The IMPERIAL PRESIDENT: Obama has acted anything remotely close to a democratic or representative democracy president. He has allowed million of illegal immigrants waivers and programs to see to it that they gain amnesty the cost of this alone has been in excess of 500 billion dollars; furthermore, Obama has had bathrooms in public schools allowing for trans-whatever people to use, regardless of what sex they are and his constant changes within his domestic policies has not included congress, the legislative branch who make laws and we are all aware of the problems that his “executive orders” have caused.

Closing these domestic policy changes are something that we, the American people should have a say in. Why? Because my rights have been dictated to and changed. Moreover, if you voted for Barack Obama in 2008 anyone could see that a person can make a voting error; subsequently, if one voted for Barack Obama in 2012 well, I have nothing nice that comes to mind; hillary_clinton_testimony_to_house_select_committeeconsequently, if you are deciding to vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton in the election of 2016 or any other election then you are in fact saying that you approved of Barack Obama, because from her own big fat mouth she has admittedly stated that she intends on carrying on with Obama’s plans as well as make the USA a non-sovereign open borders global economy mess. Tell a friend!


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