Is it ever Acceptable for the Government to Lie to the People?

Is it ever Acceptable for the Government to Lie to the People?


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Do you think that a person living in times of government lying and covering up their bad acts that include scandals, or having actions that go completely against your own personal morals or values could be disconcerting to one’s own behavior conflicts with beliefs that are integral to his or her self-identity?

Of course, if this is not enough let us outline what may indeed have caused serious moral disillusions whereby one would think — is this the same nation that I was born in? Or, is this the same nation that I have assisted in building as well as defending?

More often than not I am hearing on a daily basis, what has happened to our country? We are currently involved with a presidential campaign that says, “Let’s Make America Great Again.”

In the very recent news, there has been a lot of coverage regarding what this nation should do about comprehensive immigration reform. This situation, as well as Fast and Furious, resulted in President Obama’s total reckless disregard of the truth.   lyin-obama

Furthermore, the number of scandals that this POTUS has been involved with or in should prove exceedingly useful in the years to come. No one is suggesting that President Obama has not encountered very little grief for the missions he has been truly a part of; however, we believe that in future years his personality will suffer and thus his legacy.

 Let the notion be acknowledged right now that cognitive dissonance exists in this nation.

The point that we believe is the U.S. is trying to make too many changes in a non-manageable time period. Furthermore, we are very much aware of our national history as well as our nation’s principals and standards. We believe that there is or will come a time when various changes will be made to accommodate the populace of America. Yet it is our concerned belief that if any nation or individuals that try to make numerous and what some would suffice as abhorrent changes in the value standards of any nation, event or movement could prove to be disastrous for everyone concerned.

Where is our Intelligence agencies? The FBI, or the Justice Department?

The Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee are publicly accusing WikiLeaks of being a front for the Russian government and an ally in efforts to help elect Donald Trump, but U.S. intelligence officials aren’t so sure. (Ask yourselves “Why?”)

seal_of_the_united_states_department_of_justice_svgThe most recent leaks are the emails of Clinton campaign manager John Podesta, a bombshell severely denting Clinton’s credibility, even if it hasn’t resulted in any kind of major shift in poll numbers.

Podesta places the blame for the hack on Russian intelligence and further claims that Russian-directed hackers breached his account, in order to influence the election in support of GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.

“I’ve been involved in politics for nearly five decades,” Podesta said last week, according to The New York Times. “This definitely is the first campaign that I’ve been involved with which I’ve had to tangle with Russian  intelligence agencies, who seem to be doing everything that they can on behalf of our opponent.”


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The Democratic Party went even further, suggesting that WikiLeaks itself is simply a Russian front. Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon recently said that “Assange is colluding with the Russian government to help Trump.”

However, four U.S. military and intelligence officials recently told The Daily Beast that the connection between WikiLeaks and the Kremlin isn’t as clear-cut as the Democratic Party makes it appear.

“For Russia, WikiLeaks is more like a useful idiot because they [WikiLeaks] are too cowardly and dumb to be in on the master plan,” a U.S. official told The Daily Beast.

Finally, there are quite a few misnomers in this lovely writing that to this hour are drawing immediate attention.

  • This is hearsay, insofar as not one iota of proof is offered regarding evidence!
  • Suggesting the WikiLeaks is a Russian front pales in comparison to anything Trump has stated or alleged to have stated
  • Where is the mainstream media? If this allegation had a shred of proof everyone would be completely all over it
  • Importantly is the notion that although Hillary Clinton has leaked classified or confidential or Top Secret documents what hasn’t she taken even a smidgen of blame? During the debate, it appears to me that Trump had numerous opportunities to have Clinton reveal more than she has.

When preparing to write this article I noticed “a U.S. Official stated,” and furthermore, how possible is it that this scandal has not been orchestrated by big special interest groups?

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