How long is 30-years..?

DEM 2016 Clinton

DEM 2016 Clinton

Oh…we say that each 10-years that pass along are a decade. So numerically if we were to add three decades together we should arrive at 30-years. A completely different way to look at it would to just look at the various spans — in the years since we are trying to see what 30-years may entail. For the sake of this writing the writer chooses to use normative definitions; whereby, a decade represents a 10-year period of time and a generation is three times that or 30-years.

Hillary Clinton states that her experience that qualifies her for the office of President has been 30 years in the making. Now this is counting her as being the First Lady or basically the spouse of the sitting president. William Clinton, the 42 President of the US was originally born as William Jefferson Blythe III, then somehow changed to William Jefferson Clinton after his mother married a man named Clinton from Hot Springs, Arkansas and owned a car dealership. Bill Clinton, as he preferred served in a rocky presidency from 1993 until 2001.


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