Governments Must Ensure Vote Integrity

Governments Must Ensure Vote Integrity as Election Day Looms

unnamed As Election Day looms large, Americans are as divided as ever on the future direction of the country and many of our most pressing issues.

This opening statement is actually from Jason Snead @jasonsnead care of the Daily Signal. Most of the time I understand and totally agree with what the writer’s at The Daily Signal write. However today I have decided to show some do’s and do not’s of a reader and how we may be getting set up by a writer.

Although the “set up factor” is not a problem with any Heritage Foundation product, it is indeed a major problem with the mainstream media. The mainstream media these days is how one used to look at the tabloids or The National Inquirer in the old days of responsible journalism.

Here I go — “As Election Day looms large, Americans are as divided as ever on the future direction of the country and many of our most pressing issues.”

Anyone who has been astute regarding what is dividing this country right now; moreover, if anyone takes the time to look at the verified sources it goes something like this. It should be well noted that the sense that America is more divided than it used to be is backed by hard data. There’s been a sharp spike in the contempt that partisans express for their opponents, according to Pew Research Center polling.

VoterFraud-500x281One issue that ought to unite the country, however, is the need for election integrity. After all, it is through the ballot box that voters will select our local, state, and federal leaders. It is imperative that the vote accurately reflects the will of our citizens.

Many on the left, however, are unconcerned with the protection of each individual’s vote. They quickly dismiss voter fraud as a myth meant to justify voter suppression. Perhaps progressives are so quick to kill the debate because they know that the facts are not on their side.


Did not prosecute

Indeed, voter fraud is a very real and ongoing threat to the integrity of the political process, and The Heritage Foundation’s “Does Your Vote Count” project tracks this “nonexistent” problem. Today, we are adding 16 new confirmed convictions for voter fraud to our voter fraud database. That brings the count to over 430 criminal convictions for election fraud.

Below is a sampling of the new entries:


In North St. Louis, incumbent Penny Hubbard won the 2016 Democratic primary for Missouri’s 78th House District by 90 votes. Her challenger, Bruce Franks Jr., contested the results, citing a lopsided absentee vote tally that heavily favored Hubbard. Franks had carried the in-person vote.

District Judge Rex Burlison determined that a sufficient number of improper absentee ballots had been cast to change the results of the election, and ordered a second election. Franks won the redo by a margin of 1,533 votes.

North Carolina

Pasco Parker, a 63-year-old Tennessee resident, admitted to voting in three states during the 2012 federal election. He mailed in an absentee ballot to both Florida and North Carolina, and he voted in person in Tennessee.

obama-ixoyeIf I may, the degree to which President Barack Obama gave his support to this project was criminal. Operating through the Obama Justice Department, the USAG Eric Holder tied-up hands in the entire states of Florida, Pennsylvania, Texas, Arizona, and several other states to stop the states from cleaning their voter I.D. rolls. Many voters in the 2012 election were found to be deceased, not adequately cleared to vote, or did not have the appropriate documentation when actually voting.

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