So, Why did You do it?

So, Why did You do it?

attorney'sJust to let everyone who reads this article know well in advance, this small writing is set on asking those (illegal) as well as legal immigrants, “So Why did You do it”? I do not find anything other than a question written here; therefore, there should not be anyone offended or wanting to sue me or anyone looking for an argument out there.

I am interested in knowing first hand why a person would leave their “homeland” and travel many miles to seemingly go through an amount of discrimination?

Think this next part through — please! Now please don’t mind me, I am just the bloke asking the questions, okay? Maybe I’ll share with you the reasons that I hear, see, and read about first. Then hopefully you will begin to see some measure of civil discourse — rather than any sort of argument or enticing debate. So here goes:

The following are not necessarily in any order of importance they are just the answers I’ve heard the most.

  • “We wanted a better life for our children, and for me or us.”
  • “We wanted an environment where we could get some of that ‘American Dream.'”
  • “We wanted to become more ‘Westernized'”
  • “We wanted to be free and enjoy the liberties that Americans have.”
  • “We wanted more money.”
  • “We always thought it would be cool to get some of those entitlements when anything happened to us.”
  • “We always dreamed of our children getting a good education.”
  • “We wanted to get into the education action; remember, in America it’s free.”

xlnt brain1Believe me there are quite a few more; however, the ones that piss me off are those that say something to the effect of “Your government can’t do that or I’ll sue them for everything…” Please believe me I can give you case numbers and the ridiculous truth behind these answers.

Did anyone happen to notice that of the eight questions listed above all started with “We wanted…”?

Well let’s just say that the USA does not offer any of those pleasantries anymore, and there isn’t some type of grandfathering clause or waiver or free education or unemployment insurance or any entitlement like food stamps, would you have come then?

So here’s my question okay? Why is it that people hear about an American Dream and they want it? Why is it that when people come to America they immediately want to change it, to fit themselves? Did you think that after so many years of experimenting with representative democracy to get this place to the point where other people would use the very laws in our U.S. Constitution to sue whomever you wanted to get your way?

This is not a multicultural hang out friends. America is not a place where anyone can preach and teach Sharia law or basically wear something that is as foreign to us as your language is — and then go on about “mercy killing” and looking for a defense.

Please have some respect for those who have openly welcomed you to their land. Believe me, no one asked me if I would give my rights away so there could be a humungous amnesty, or refugee welcome person, or asylum seekers.

Therefore, why did you do it?

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