It’s Time for a Rant!!

It’s Time for a Rant!!

tmpZWr3oc-mdly-photoYep, you know those times when it’s hard to find anything on television except election coverage — whether you want it or not. So I say, let’s read a new interesting book! Ultimately the rant comes back to me because my next delivery is not until tomorrow or the next day.

Somehow it just does not make sense anymore! Good Lord! So I endeavored to look at my publication forecast to see who is showing the most interesting offers. So having seen the latest coverage, it is time to write. Actually, I have been working on the all new best-seller putting in the per editor’s concerns and of course, the finishing touch.

So my rant is this: If all we are going to get in the election coverage is “He this, this, this! And ‘She this, this, and that and her husband does, ‘this, that and this.'” Please, someone, tell me that these two are beyond all of that crap!  the-kings-court

Look Trump…if you want to disgrace “Slick Willy Clinton” that go after something that has merit. Now let’s not all get excited here! Sure cheating on one’s wife is bad enough, but anger the American people by stating how the guy sold us out to China!

And then…bring in how Hillary Rodham Clinton has a record of communicating via email on her private server with the Chinese and you’ve got two birds with one stone. Plus you’ll look more intelligent than petty and maybe win a vote or two.

160912102259-02-hillary-clinton-911-small-11.jpgAnd oh boy would I like to assist HRC! But knowing me, that woman is going to find God, before I’d be in the same facility as she is. Personally, I think she will die in office – and just imagine the smile on her face!

However, I think deep down inside of me, the real rant I have is for Fox News! I mean take the show, which segment and the personalities involved, I darn near need to go to the toilet when “The Five” comes on. Hey look all of you overpaid drones and you know which ones I’m talking about…If you continue to bitch while you are broadcasting, then some  real producer should hand you a pink slip!

CcmKujIWEAAScEQI am serious here gang! Between the segments of Fox and Friends, Outnumbered, The Five, The O’Reilly Factor, Megyn’s show, and Sean Hannity’s show and believe me I have listed almost every segment with the exception of two shows per day per week that try and diversify their reporting the rest of them if you’ve seen it on Monday, the hell with it, it will be the same on Friday!

I’ve sworn off of Fox News until after the election!

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