US Erroneously Grants Citizenship To More Than 850 Immigrants

41oabvtxrsl-_ac_us160_I suppose it is me; however, every time I look at the details and actual experiences people go through the more and more I remain unconvinced.

Folks I have a predetermined and qualified posture that not only is our nation in for a huge amount of trouble but I see, hear and learn that what is going on in our nation is but a recourse of what is happening the world over.

Today I wanted to feature short term articles, then add my own commentary and see how you felt.

But not today — maybe a couple of different stories but I need to keep the number of words down on this fun-filled, quality and well-written socialized journalism.

US Erroneously Grants Citizenship To More Than 850 Immigrants

CaponeMore than 850 people were accidentally granted U.S. citizenship despite being from countries with a history of immigration fraud or that raised national security concerns.

All 858 people had been previously ordered removed from the country. The Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Inspector General says bad fingerprint records are to blame. Why then weren’t these individuals held in a different facility?

NPR’s Brian Naylor reports:

“The inspector general’s report says neither the Department of Homeland Security nor the FBI has all the old fingerprint records of people who have been ordered deported … because many of those records are on paper and haven’t yet been digitized.

“At least three [people granted citizenship] were found to have been conducting security-sensitive work at airports or maritime facilities. All three have since had their credentials revoked. Homeland Security says it is investigating the other cases.” And top US officials wonder why “we” the people of this country want to have a say in who comes and who goes?

The report by the DHS Office of Inspector General was released on Sept. 8. The error, it says, was found during an investigation into whether U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has been using personal information databases effectively for naturalization applications. What these Inspector Generals do not understand is one can share data.

oig-immigrationreport-p1-normalAccording to the report, about 148,000 fingerprint records that have not been digitized belong to people with final deportation orders or who are criminals or fugitives. These fingerprint records have been on the record since 2007. If one person could digitize 1 per day, then double that with 2 people at 750 per day if the DHS could spare 24 people it surely would not take long to have all 148,000 digitized.

However, we do have a HUGE concern in a different matter here: Q: Who do you know that has used her own private electronic devices in service for the government?

The report also describes information-sharing problems between the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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