“Participation Awards” now seem acceptable for Charleston and Tulsa OK

“Participation Awards” now seem acceptable for Charleston and Tulsa OK
american eagle with flagI am sure that I have written a post or two about what are referred to as “Participation Awards.” In perhaps the most famous of these televised commercials happens to be the one where it is shortly after the big game, the Championship game between two teams, one of which this father’s son played for and in no doubt the winners of the Championship game.

As most of us has seen the new television commercial where a man and his son are loading up into the SUV after an awards ceremony at a football local championship? Cutting to the quick the father looks at his son’s new trophy and although his team won the title the trophy elects to say “Participant.” The father elects to rip off the plate of the trophy and with his heavy marking device writes the word CHAMPIONS, then gives the trophy back to his son who in turn is very thankful.

This televised spot is a real uplifting shot at political correctness, whereby because of an assumption of equality or actually having been a part of the winning team every one of the players is to receive the same award.

Other than driving the sword deeply into the notion of American exceptionalism, we believe that a regular participant’s award hurts the acknowledgement of being the Champion.

Now, applying this same logic to the rioting and protesting that is going on in Charleston NC and Tulsa OK we would want and/or expect these individuals to know what they are protesting about.

For the first part, I worry that the people who are protesting DO NOT know what they’re protesting about. I have seen folks carrying signs stating, “We Are Equal!” is there something that I am missing here? Other folks protesting are carrying signs that proclaim “Better Wages” for immigrant workers. The thing that troubles me is that I am not sure if these people know for what or why they are protesting AND in any country, and that is scary.

Please don’t get me wrong here. I believe that there are a time and a place for protestingeagle1 just as the Founding Fathers placed into the First Amendment to the US Constitution. However, what is not stated well in the 1st Amendment is the notion that one needs a petition and certified document to protest at what intersection, say at Park Avenue, Fifth Avenue, and Broadway. Moreover, please know what it is that you are protesting for or against — like pretend Jesse Watters is going to come up to you and say, “Why are you protesting?”

I could not be certain how many of you know how many police officers lost their jobs in New Orleans LA after Hurricane Katrina left what to some seemed like the rooting grounds. Because of the misfortune of other people or an area, please do not use that as an excuse to go rioting for things that you want and do not have.

Today whilst preparing for my book, watching a little news during the breakfast hour, I happen to notice 3 to 8 white people around the early morning hours looking to kick in a merchant’s electronics store. I was ready to call the Charleston Police department and the FBI for assistance locating any one of those 3 to 8 individuals who I must say were looking to gain anything at the misfortune of another. Unacceptable period.

These incidents do not have anything in common with “Black Lives Matter” either. If one were to stop being unintellectually angry because someone you didn’t know got shot — it is incumbent upon you to gather as much factual information as well as evidence before you open your mouths.

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