No Way Mr. President Obama

No Way Mr. President Obama

Today I was reading my Twitter column with just only one puke result happening. I was some blurb about how Barack Hussein Obama wrote in his name on the new ballots to be used this November.

41oabvtxrsl-_ac_us160_I can’t and will not talk for you folks but a best-selling book titled, Fool Me Twice! Simply did not work for me, I was so far out of sorts with myself and especially my country that I just waited for the mid-term election to come around so this heathen could be put out like rubbish.

But no, no , no! Call it whatever version you want or like, personally I felt that what had been done to the voting registry may have had something to do with it. Far too many people talking about what they witnessed in their own precincts, throw in the New Black Panthers Party and I pretty much figured we wouldn’t get rid of the imitator to easily.

So I’ve got a question for my own self here, ready to help? Great! People in this nation talk about freedom of speech, however whenever one chooses to exercise a right as humbled with good intent certainly not to hurt anyone, well we are taking a risk. Here is my question: Where are my civil rights when it comes to opening the door for 150,000 or more Syrians? Does the average citizen get the opportunity to say, “Hey bad idea, this time, fella’s.”

Lest I remind you that we have already a quantum score of Somali’s, Pakistani’s, Iraqi’s, and what about all of the West African refugees that are coming? Now then let’s just add that to 12 million illegal aliens from Mexico and a few hundred thousand from Central America? Where do my civil rights as an average American come in?

Here’s a suggestion for you fatheads in America’s national capital. A lot of people are suggesting plots of land say near where Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, and Utah come together?



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