There is no recourse in America anymore

There is no recourse in America anymore

congressC’mon gang! Let’s do a brief overview of exactly what is happening in our country. Ready then: We have an entire House filled with lesser than honorable members. We have a Senate chamber whereby the individual senator and all available staff would rather please ($$) their political parties than to do as they are asked by you and me. There is so much dishonesty between these people and who they deal with who is telling the precise truth?

However, our nation suffers daily because of the lack of integrity performed by our own president. Now just slow down for a minute and think this through. (Any and all feedback is welcomed!) In the last eight or so years we have been party to Fast & Furious, came under a vicious attack in Benghazi, Libya, hey btw, what’s up with Bergdahl? He certainly fits the bill as a traitor that Snowden ever will. Personally, we have a government that is too generous, abhorrent in matters of Nat’l Security, and please forgive me, someone needs to write a few laws about termination clauses for government workers.

surely-not-me-images - Copy - CopyTo this day I am speaking of Hillary Rodham Clinton, Lois Lerner of the IRS, I furthermore ask, where is the  accountability or action on behave of those who sent hundreds of thousands of security emails from a personal account with a server where? The kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or basement? Couple that with the fact that over 20,000 missiles are missing from ports around Benghazi, Libya that still has not been found.

In short, we’ve got an arrogant madman that is doing everything he can to make America part of the Third world and not limited to mustering up his own laws whilst breaking his fair share in the interim.

In America, these days although this does not happen a remotely regular basis but is does happen where police may kill a black man. Realistically, has anyone looked at Chicago’s statistics lately? I am not going to sit here and write that this matter is okay, because it is not. But it happens.holder-in-contempt

Hell sit down or kneel down during the nation’s anthem, however, it would be nice to have something in the form of policy matters or a way that people can stop making mistakes. There is no recourse in America anymore. I believe that this situation is a top – down matter where the President is playing golf instead of doing what he is paid to do.

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