Think about this little breach…

There is so much to write about these days — inasmuch as one considers the warring factions within just about every nation, the refugee and asylum-seekers primarily coming out of the Middle East, however; what clearly has my attention these days is a number of earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, I guess I call it the severely extreme planet iUS-Constitution-Burning-300x150n orbit.

Yet today doing so much research for the next best-seller I hope to have which focuses on people of unethical morals, values, and ethics. Today reading I happened upon a Report made by the House Committee on Government Ethics and Reform whereby it certainly lists and describes the rule of law.

8 U.S.C.A. § 707(a) provides:

‘No person, except as hereinafter provided in this chapter, shall be naturalized unless such petitioner, (1) immediately preceding the date of filing petition for naturalization has resided continuously within the United States for at least five years and within the State in which the petitioner resided at the time of filing the petition for at least six months, (2) has resided continuously within the United States from the date of the petition up to the time of admission to citizenship, and (3) during all the periods referred to in this subsection has been and still is a person of good moral character, attached to the principles of the Constitution of the United States, and well disposed to the good order and happiness of the United States.’


8 U.S.C.A. § 707(a) is now covered by 8 USCS § 1427(a) through (c). Of note, the language, especially, pertaining to moral character remains, in the present statute, exactly as written in the older Statute.

How far we have come. A court of law may forbid citizenship to a person who lies to a federal officer on the ground our Country does not deem such a person worthy of our Country’s grace, for that person is, both by law and by nature, an immoral person.

Yet, this Country now raises the specter of nominating, to the highest Office in the Land, an incorrigible liar—a person who lied to FBI. She then unabashedly compounds the lies told to the FBI by telling the American people she never lied to the FBI.

We have in Hillary Rodham Clinton a person capable of turning veritable lies into inviolate truths and when pressed, will claim she simply made a “mistake.”

Those“mistakes”translate into devastation and horror. Those “mistakes” have weakened this Country and its system of laws, led directly or indirectly to the deaths of thousands of Americans, allowed for the rise and strengthening of numerous radical Islamic groups, created political instability throughout the world, promoted civil unrest, but created hundreds of millions of dollars for the Clintons as they have placed, and will undoubtedly continue to place, our Country’s assets, its traditions, its values, it’s very Constitution and Sovereignty—all of it—on the auction block. Nothing is sacred or “off the table” for Bill and Hillary Clinton where their insatiable greed, lust for power, and capacity for unremorseful criminal misconduct are concerned. See the documentary, “Clinton Cash.”

Under present and past naturalization Statutes and under U.S. Court law decisions—decisions going back to the 19th Century—Hillary Rodham Clinton would have been denied citizenship given her penchant for lying to federal officials. Such a person is beyond redemption. No one ought to be surprised, then, at Hillary Clinton’s audacity, as a citizen of the United States, to claim the Office of U.S. Presidency for herself, as her God-given right—and as the God-given right of her offspring in years to come.


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