Founding Fathers on Culture War

“Where an excess of power prevails, the property of no sort is duly respected. No man is safe in his opinions, his person, his faculties, or his possessions.” — James Madison

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Personally speaking, this is the way I feel about now. We believe that the POTUS as well as the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Secretaries of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson and Janet Napolitano, several of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, have found themselves by hook and/or crook in positions of having excess power. The individuals I have mentioned could care less about our (“We the People”) property; furthermore, these individuals have never asked for an opinion or otherwise about the way in which they either do their jobs or not.

“The purpose of separation of church and state is to keep forever from these shores the ceaseless strife that has soaked the soil of Europe with blood for centuries.” — James Madison


FFQFWell with immigration policy the way it was then and especially now it shows how ill-prepared our elected government officials really are. And again NO! The current POTUS (Barack Obama) does not talk much anymore (thank God!) except, why did he originally campaign on lessening a number of illegal immigrants settling in here; subsequently, the clown is now trying to push through his DACA/DAPA extensions for the full 6 million and eventually 12 million that through executive order he and he alone has encouraged.

“A pure democracy is a society consisting of a small number of citizens, who assemble and administer the government in person.” — James Madison


Moving along now I hope that the readers of this site will have the heart and knowledge to understand how the American central government was supposed to look like.

“In all our associations; in all our agreements let us never lose sight of this fundamental maxim – that all power was originally lodged in, and consequently is derived from, the people.” — George Mason


As for me, this is the single most aspect of the government is run in the United States.images Madison Both President James Madison’s and George Mason’s quotes were the basis for the grand experiment. In a Republican Democracy the power first belongs to the ordinary people — that is the pinnacle of our strength and power. We then transfer this pinnacle to our elected representatives — whereby they, in turn, are supposed to give back to us our strength (public policy) and execute that in the central government for and on behalf of us.

There is absolutely no reason to put up any means of competition here — for, in fact, anyone can easily see the culture war(s) as they have occurred through the years.

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