Time to Wake Up….People!!

thFNLU8AFVWhere in the United States Founding Documents does it say; moreover, that we are imperiled to assist every nation, habit, waterway, or group of any given people with monetary aid every time something happens in their countries? I have made it a habit of reading a portion of the U.S. Constitution everyday and something of this sort does not have mention whatsoever.

America and American citizens are not the world’s police force or the world’s political machinery. People from all over the world have entered into the realm of “well, albeit an earthquake, tsunami, title wave, or if our or their people cannot have enough to eat, no matter who the nation or people wherever they may be, the United States of America will be here to help.”

To this day I continue to look for anything in our Founder’s written documents as well as the great Framer’s of some of the most important documents and a “do unto others as they have done to you” doesn’t quite fit their purpose for the documents they set up or any writing they may have left behind would be illegal in our society.

Ahh — Presidents’ John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, George 41fk94wsOYL._AA160_Washington and James Madison have left Biblical passages or other means of spiritual messages for us to follow; however, we do have a law set forth in the U.S. Constitution that people somehow analogize the words something like “a wall that separates everyday commerce or life, with religion.”

However, and back to the travesty of the leaders of this nation, where is it written 1- You must use the totality of monies when trying to set up any negotiation? 2- Sure it is okay to pay a competitive nation 1.3 billion dollars, moreover, $400 million as a good-faith payment that we all know was used as a ransom. 3- Hey my brethren down there in Baton Rouge and other areas in Louisiana, please don’t you worry, up here we’re praying for you, asking God to do his mighty miracles right there in front of you. As it is written in Romans 8:28, “If God is for us, who shall we be afraid of?”

So let’s be civil and allow that dysfunctional man and his family enjoy themselves up on Martha’s Vineyard playing as much golf as he possibly can. The bulls**ter won’t even be admitted a PGA card!

obamaheadBut wait — he was there in Haiti, he’s given money and the Lord knows what else to the Iranian’s, he has granted waivers to over 4.3 million DACA receivers as well as given money (yep our taxpayer) to Kenya, Liberia, Mali, P.R. Congo, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, so can I make a suggestion: Do Not Vote For Hillary Rodham Clinton.

America you should know by now that it is the Democratic Party that these people work for! I would much rather write my own name than to vote for any Democrat!  tmpZWr3oc-mdly-photo

Look we all know and have seen what she is capable of as a First Lady, after blowing up almost Bill’s 2nd term on Healthcare reform, and as a senator, we all knew that this would keep her in politics, then she lost to the absolute worst president known to humankind, and as Secretary of State, she used and abused a system that we will forever be apologizing for – please use you brain.

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