Experts Say Trump’s Muslim Ban Would Cripple Immigration System


Experts Say Trump’s Muslim Ban Would Cripple Immigration System

120_jpegFacing a growing backlash over his dispute with the parents of a Muslim American Army captain killed in Iraq in 2004, Donald Trump has continued to defend his proposal to ban all Muslim immigrants from entering the U.S.

Khizr Khan, the father of the late Humayun Khan, blasted the potential ban in his speech to the Democratic convention last week, saying if it were up to Trump, his son “never would have been in America.”

The personal dispute has placed a spotlight back on what might be Trump’s most controversial proposal.

Leaders in both parties have condemned the ban as discriminatory, counterproductive and probably unconstitutional.

There is another major problem with it, however.  th

A religious ban would be virtually impossible to implement and would cripple the current immigration system, according to more than 20 security and immigration officials surveyed by NBC News for a special report on how the proposal would actually work.

For the first part we must all understand and take into consideration that NBC News is definitely within the mainstream of American media. There are certainly ways to get around what the Constitution does not say anything about; consequently, let’s look to our current president for ridiculous measures put into law by this crazed fool.

One, waivers for everything; and moving along, DACA, DAPA, now even these actions which have been ruled on by the United States Supreme Court, nonetheless the fact still remains that millions of abusers are finding ways to benefit from court nonappearances, until their time to either register or reregister comes along.


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