Reevaluating Richard M. Nixon

No! Not Hillary Clinton!

tmpZWr3oc-mdly-photoAs much as I would love to do it and perhaps one day it will be done, I really have no intention of comparing the lies, half-truths, misrepresentations, or intentional misleading that is in an endless loop for Hillary Rodham Clinton meaning that somewhere in that demented mind of hers – she believes what she is lying about. 

For all of those people who have stated, “It’s about time we had a women president” or this lady I heard this morning, “Hillary is a woman, in fact, she’ll be the first in history, to become the first woman president, and we will all say ‘what took us so long.'”

As for me people and voters are looking at all of the wrong characteristics and all of the wrong reasons. With as much special interest group pressure you ladies (“War on Women”) put through congress as well as the media to be heard, what is the problem? I yearn for a woman president too. But I do not wish for a lying, cheating, stealing, revealing National Security and getting people killed in Benghazi Libya already knowing that for weeks – GET THIS – weeks in advance that heavier security was deemed necessary! Although it was requested, then begged for, then threatened for, it never happened! So how long are you people going to say Hillary?


About President Richard Nixon, read as you may, take biographical course work, read, listen, because you will not find anything that Nixon did that will ever compare to the stinking, unfaithful rubbish that this woman has been up too in the last 30 years or so. Lord, please help these people see how she and “Slick Willy” sold technology to the Chinese, mutilated and had women, men, children killed in Nicaragua and Honduras. Open their eyes to all of the rubbish caused in Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Tunisia, Mali, Nigeria, and South Africa to boot. Everything this person touches turns to excrement!

We have had our “firsts.” Our last one really turned out to be a “Jr. first” at best, who has already been named as one of the worst 9 Presidents in America’s history. Now as the media would have it, this new “first woman president” wants to carry on what the clown has already done and more. Look for the right characteristics before you vote or just don’t vote.

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  1. tommcge says:

    Agreed that Nixon didn’t do half to stuff that Hillary Clinton has done. Who wishes the Richard Nixon were running again?


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