Validity, Reliability, Accountability

Validity, Reliability, Accountability

forex-lrg-2I feel like sharing a story with all of our readers here at The Contemplative Thinker. Okay then all-right! Before the newness of being a college graduate had worn off, I very humbly dotted all of the I’s and crossed all of the T’s in my application documents to graduate school.

The only difference (I thought) was that I was going to a completely new campus approximately 3,ooo miles away. Not being the P.C. traditional student (18 to 24) I’d almost forgotten what the universities P.C. name was — let’s see was it “older student, veteran student, minority student, come of age student,” it seems as though the list was endless — a good point to show how stupid being politically correct is – right.

Most of the younger students didn’t like “older” “minority” or so it seems could be used only for one class of students, and as a true testament everyone in college should be a come of age student.

Seems to me that I settled for “graduate student” however, I did suggest overtly that maybe we should be called “the student’s who paid more money for our classes, students.”

Telling a true story here, I was jubilantly excited to be back in school. Sure we were there on Orientation Days and The Dorm Days – when everybody was allowed back on campus and either the same room or a different one, it was loud, uncouth, and this is the next generation? No! It was the folks in my classes that were the next generation! Political+Correctness3

For those who do not already know, graduate school normally starts during any and every month of the year. Therefore, if classes started on July 1st most institutions of higher learning are reasonably quiet during those times – no sports activities; just Friday/Saturday night partying normally among real friends.

At any rate in one of my classes, we were instructed to make a Likert Scale enabling participants to indicate the strength of their responses usually through a 1 to 10 scale basis. What we were doing was measuring how well did coming back to school students understand what validity meant, same with reliability, and finally accountability.

I think the real lesson was sort of like The Jesse Watters World on Fox News whereby he goes out into New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago, Dallas, and Los Angeles and then ask ordinary people questions such as how many states are in the United States? Or, who is buried in Grant’s Tomb? The questions that everyone seems to answer incorrectly.

hillary-trueself1Netting it out for you — the results were dismal! Validity, or logical, legally binding at times, effective, or justifiable and unexpired had a weighted average of 3.5 whereas reliability came up to 4.5 with accountability was beneath all others at a mere 2.0 weighted average.

Therefore, one of my first lessons in graduate school has even made to an article much later than the actual event occurred. Dr. Gardner would be proud.

Validity (how valid is the issue) or when an experiment is valid it is true, usually has a lot of evidence backing it up, and is well-founded and corresponds to the real world. Furthermore any concept, conclusion or measurement must have some sort of reliability — the ability to be retested with the same results.

As for accountability is concerned it is my opinion that it has become one of those values that as a nation we have lost concept of its importance and no one seems to care, right Hillary?

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