Let’s stop the Immigration Rhetoric

Let’s stop the Immigration Rhetoric

51WfUaTwi0L__SX341_BO1,204,203,200_You betcha I had a different word group for rhetoric in my title – although I do not think it would be of good form or good taste to used whilst writing. Often times I will use an extreme example known as bull squat; and that one I hope does not offend anyone. The term “squatting” has all various types of connotations albeit, sporting events, Olympics, baseball catching or even what a swan does to have a swim.

However, rather than this article be about the vagueness of the writer – I’ll openly admit that this article is about illegal immigration and what little any of the three branches of government are doing about the situation.

It certainly appears to me the everything even attempted by our government representatives inside the beltway is done through the usage of some type of “Select Committee.” Seriously now even before hearing the terms and conditions to be heard and or debated on the floor must go to a committee first.

Well folks let’s try this on and see if it works – in matters whereby Republicans and Democrats definitely do not see eye to eye is in the matter of immigration reform.

The reasons for this are overwhelming obvious! So let’s try a new strategy altogether. Hey you! Why not address the current problems first – above all and beyond making sure you have an aide to get your laundry to the dry cleaners.

Problem 1: We have far too many illegal (undocumented, entitlement hungry, job seekers and irresponsible parents) immigrants already in our country. Let’s cut to the chase shall we?

If as a nation, a real one speaking and one understanding people, we would cut the political correctness as well as the world’s nanny state and just stop the bowing and “Apology Tours” and grow a pair.

All of these formally educated people illustrating on a daily basis what the hell is so good about Harvard University, Yale or Princeton? Asking me why? So I can say this:

One is not breaking up a family if a or the parents have entered this country illegally! Our politically correct society monitors parents that endure mishaps with their own children. There is a big difference between shaking a baby wildly with a tumultuous heart and entering a nation where one knows and sees and hears it is against the law to enter. It is the chance they take. Suggestion: Hold the parents until they can lovingly be reunited with their children and then deport them.


Problem 2
Secure the border! Stop doing everything that doesn’t add up to a hill of beans – most of the salaried personnel at the IRS, Social Security Admin., as well as the legislators should be shipped down and immediately put together to secure our border. This clown we call the POTUS has not even attended to that which he promised almost eight years ago!

Problem 3

We the People, need to focus on being a lot less global – what has that gotten us – much less politically correct and stop being a bunch of people that the POTUS complains about when he out of our reach.


Any questions?

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