C’mon America, Wealth or Criminal Actives..?

C’mon America, Wealth or Criminal Actives..?

tmpZWr3oc-mdly-photoOne of these nights I just know I am going to sleep like the most well-kept baby alive. I’m talking run a herd of wild buffaloes through the room and I won’t even stir. Bring on the wild chimpanzees’ with all of their ruthless noise and I won’t even raise an eyebrow!

Yet every single time I hear the “Dame Hillary Rodham Clinton’s” sound of her voice I just about go nutz! Why? You ask. Simply this — if I truly wanted a person who has been investigated by the FBI not once but at least three times that I know of; deranged and sent the Nicaraguan people and their economy into a fourth world steaming in poverty and went on and backed up all the lies told by Barack Obama while I watched Benghazi, Libya and the US assets’ there burn to the ground then lie about it — heck to the House Select Committee and literally say, “What does it matter now, anyway.”1500px-DesertStormMap_v2_svg

People what we have here is a walking talking liar of the first order. Sure there is not all that much written about Nicaragua in the newspaper. Well I can buy this – can you? The liberal left leaning press corps out there would rather not mention anything if it exposed the criminality of anyone left.

This “Madame Wannabe President” would just as soon lie straight to your face, Chelsea and “Slick Willy,” and to everyone who has donated money to her ridiculous foundation then chuckle all the way to her car where she busts up laughing.

Fortunately for us and America as a nation we still have Mr. Donald Trump! Until anyone has been in his shoes, at the levels – billions and even trillions of dollars deals then you are not quite ready to throw a stone, huh?

As can be well established here is that Donald Trump is ready, willing and very able to be the next POTUS! The man has a beautiful family that openly encourages and promotes love. Trump is also a successful television personality with his show the Apprentice.

So I am convinced that one man has made his income; however, there is a woman in this presidential election who has proven to be criminal. Now all you have to do is vote accordingly – a winner or a tired old woman that could fit anyone’s ideal of their own 2nd grade teacher.

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