“Black lives matter let’s kill a cop,”

10271625_738727066173535_5519494596076767310_nIt’s time we stop, hey look around — everybody LOOK what’s going round. Seriously I feel as though compassion is sweating off of me like an NBA player in the fourth quarter.
Anytime that any organization runs around screaming “Black lives matter let’s kill a cop,” and then with absolutism starts on this notion of police discrimination basically in a nutshell please tell me that Affirmative Action has a history of working!

If a person has any real difficulty with the judicial system in this nation, here’s a suggestion: Get out with your hands in your pockets! The entire Black lives Matter who has taken on the auspices of a real institution has vastly become an let’s explore some of the Civil Rights Act of 1965 for violations to an angry mobocracy with not anyone involved with the institution knowing what on God’s planet they are alleged to be standing for.

A quick perusal of the news media today and here’s what I learned: (1) The organization seal of dojwants to pursue a mission statement or logo the same as the definition of ISIS. (2)The Blank Panther Party has called for a national meeting including “everybody bring your guns.” (3) A police car was ignited and blazed to fame in Daytona Beach, Florida. The car had been placed there in front of a mosque to allow people to recognize their presence. (4) Authorities said Monday that they believe the gunman who opened fire in Baton Rouge a day earlier, killing three police officers and injuring three others before he was fatally shot by a SWAT team, was looking for law enforcement and ambushed the officers.

ramsI am still addressing questions from Ferguson, MO where it appears that this entire “lives matter” institution began. Michael Jones has been made a hero — however, for what? Here’s for what — attacking a store owner twice, stealing from the store, then attacking a police officer and in the process of trying to steal the officer’s sidearm was shot to death.
Let’s just have a look at this case. A grand jury ruled — based solely on the evidence — that an eyewitness (who later confessed to lying) that Brown did nothing. Stood innocently with both arms raised. Now we know a lot different. For every case that this organization can come up with, there easily could be two or three crimes that happen precisely the other way.

In finale or in conclusion, this entire “Black Lives Matter” movement could get a lot more done without the violence. Every unspeakable act of violence just makes another person say, “Yo Obama, so what do they want now?”

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