On Improving America

On Improving America

xlnt brainWhat we are experiencing now is a form of cultural genocide. This is clearly evidenced by what material we, as individuals, and as a nation, felt were strong values. This is indeed clearly found within America’s Founding Documents. Where through the test of time and a few individuals who would not compromise on such values as liberty, the Judeo-Christian principles of conduct, as well as the rule of law. Additionally any threats against that liberty or freedom always called for immediate government action that kept those values that literally defined America as the sovereign nation that we once were.

The rule of law used to be highly valued in this country by the majority of citizens. But now the majority has been overcome by a collective of uninvited foreigners and persons convinced that they are passive victimsnot active agents – in the making of their own lives. This new lawlessness is what feeds the success of the Democratic Party just as it diminishes our once great nation.

The Reagan amnesty only encouraged more lawlessness, and a new amnesty will do the same. American culture cannot survive this assault – we are literally being overwhelmed by a Latino insurgency that refuses to honor the laws of our land. What kind of citizenship can we expect from such people? Furthermore, it is safe to say that now this insurgency is not limited to Latino’s, rather is in fact including members of radical terrorist organizations from all parts of the world. And the special interests that demand citizenship for persons who literally failed citizenship tests at its most fundamental level – it is absurd.

Obama likes to talk about everyone “playing by the same rules”, but he intends to reward illegal immigrants for not doing so. He talks about the need to stop exporting jobs abroad – and yet – he supports the in-sourcing of illegal immigrants who take citizens’ jobs and deflate American wages.

Americans support legal and sustainable immigration but a new battle needs to be fought against those who support or encourage illegal immigration. Local communities need to gather and discuss what is happening to the culture of America and how best to define and preserve our core values (not the color of America, not abortion, and not gay marriage).

If we do not begin this discussion now, the freaky fringe will define our values for us. We need to stop being distracted by the minutiae and are refocused on the big picture: What is the status of the rule of law today? What is the right level of immigration in order to preserve American culture? What cultural traditions are you passing to your children – do you send your children to school prepared to learn? Are you cultivating a work ethic in your child? Are you raising an independent child or another child destined to be a Democrat?

Our grandparents and parents worked extremely hard without complaint – are we willing to do the same in order to save America. The Democrats are hoping you stay tuned to your reality TV- the more zombies the better. The weaker the people, the better, and the more dependent and hopeless people – the better off you’ll be.

My friends and neighbors are starting discussion groups in our neighborhoods. The tea party fringe is not welcome, but people who believe that America does have certain core values worth preserving are certainly welcome to join.

America is not Latin America. We have a right to preserve our culture just as they have a right to preserve theirs.

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