Three Examples of Terrible Journalism

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attorney'sThe two-year, $7 million, taxpayer-funded Republican inquisition called the House Select Committee on Benghazi slithered to a stop last week with the release of a report on the terrorist attacks that killed four Americans in 2012 in Benghazi, Libya. First example: The real bad reporting is this statement above. The House Select Committee on Benghazi is a bipartisan Committee with member from all political parties represented. Therefore although the author would want us to believe this action is a Republican headhunt, the fact is that the Chairman of the Committee is Republican with the Vice Chairman or Assistant Chair is a democrat insofar as the House is controlled by the Republicans.

To the disappointment of the far right, investigators failed again to find Hillary Clinton guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors for the attacks. Clinton was secretary of state then and now is the presumed Democratic nominee for president. Second example: The “disappointment” of the far right is an attitude of indignation and at best only assumed.  hillary-trueself1

Never in modern history have a president and secretary of state been subjected to such abuse after Americans were murdered in attacks on U.S. diplomatic facilities overseas. Third example: Let’s ask America whether or not they feel that Hillary Rodham Clinton is subject to abuse shall we. Rather than to make such biased and damning statements we really should go to the very people and ask them, don’t you think?


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