Gender Inequality??

xlnt brain1Please bear with me but I’ve some bitc*ing to do. I am not a whiner, blamer, crybaby or winger — but every now and then I get to the point where I feel like screaming, “shut the phuck up!”

We all know of Hillary Clinton’s plight, where the terms of the law written out clearly and she managed to not only break every one of them but also added some on her own. I will only pray for the dues that Lynch and Comey will have to pay, someday.1500px-DesertStormMap_v2_svg

Yet I was writing a piece today that deliberately stated, “Yep she sure used lousy judgment” and for what it’s worth I went on to state that she should at least be charged or indicted; regardless of the verdict of trial, she’s a grandmother, some person’s friend and I don’t think that she’d make it through doing time, or do I think she’ll make it through a presidency. (Now I know that age discrimination is at play in my statement but wth?)

CmuHwbgXEAInSD9Contrast that point with this from Twitter: Vanity Fair states, “The one accuser who may finally bring Bill Cosby down for good.” Now in all sincerity just take a look at Mr. Cosby’s life. What kind of contradiction regarding black men and families, recidivism, and so forth is America doing?

Now on to my main biotch! Ohhhh Scarlett Johansson and let’s throw in the very lovely and talented Ms. Jennifer Lawrence just because she is adorable but a little amiss in the brains department.

In a recent edition of Vogue (UK) Magazine the Brits ran with this title for the future article:
LAST week, we reported
 that Scarlett Johansson had been named the scarlett-johansson-vogue-30june16-getty_82x122highest-grossing actress of all time, making an enormous $3.3 billion throughout her career, and now the actress has revealed her reaction to the news.

Before running bats*it all over this article, we’d like to inform everyone that Ms. Johansson has not made all of her $3.3 billion in films. Yeah, a little misleading there. So perhaps we should ask her agent or publicist just how much she earned in modeling, maybe even ask how much she’s made off of her delicate appointments via nude photography.

The article goes on to name several other actors (nee actresses) for their big bux making obviously trying to shake up the Hollyweird community vis-a-vie the alleged inequality between men and women. What has got me shaken is that there doesn’t appear to be this type of inequality outside of Hollyweird.

hollywood-signYou may remember that recently the fine actress Jennifer Lawrence was involved with the same issue — with the exception that as she openly admitted that males knew the business differently than females. Hey look, if one signs a contract to be an executive producer under the auspices of a different name or being a corporate entity while at the same time drawing a salary as the leading actor, and just maybe a key grip then more power to them. Which I am sure that Johansson came in ninth place in the list of highest-grossing stars, which was compiled by Box Office Mojo. Cameron Diaz came in 19th place; Cate Blanchett came in 29th; Julia Roberts in 30th; Elizabeth Banks in 31st;Emma Watson in 32nd; Sandra Bullock in 47th; and Anne Hathaway in 50th.emma

According to Ms. Johansson, “It’s exciting to be the only woman in the category – it’s kind of disappointing actually to be the only woman in this category, that was a little bit of a surprise to me.” So Scarlett which exactly is it?

Scarlett is no different from Hillary Clinton with her use of political correctness — which invariably presents itself as a lie.

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