Clinton’s Culture of Sleaziness

I am going to do something quite unusual for me — in tonight’s writing there will be zero other papers used or any other medium of writer’s preparation used whatsoever. No draft, no plan, no rearranging or editing by me — tonight it is off the cuff!

Why? Because I am just sick of “it.” After working all day on my soon to be best-selling book, and I mean approximately fourteen hours at this very keyboard, I am exhausted! But Lord grant me strength! One can never be too tired to do the right thing. So as it was that I finished with book writing for the day I happened upon my television set which was defaulted to some news show when I heard it…”Hillary Clinton Interviewed by the FBI Saturday Morning for 3 1/2 hours.”

I assumed the listening posture and before blowing my top, I decided to come into my office and just see what was available as a proof or back-up read. Well my entire homepage was gushing out with Hillary business so for some odd reason I clicked on the New York Times article hoping to be a bit more informed.

Well no such luck! The NYT wrote this travesty as a natural act and you know, everybody does it. Where and in what world can anyone find a former sectetary of state who has already deleted over 32,000 personal emails from an account she set up on her own server that just happened to be in her New York residence. Whilst at the same time her husband, a former President and Commander-in-Chief meets with the Attorney General of the U.S.

Hillary states that she didn’t even know that Bill was meeting with AG Lynch; no problem I think, when has this b*tch ever known what her husband was up too?

The writer advanced his writing with a nonchalent comment about her aides while at the State Department — to include the whistleblower who was the alleged I.T. guy with her system who as you know has been granted immunity.

Last part okay — I am sick to my stomach at the entire Clinton Culture of Law Breaking at my expense and my country’s expense. Do you know that the House Committee on Ethical Standards subpeonaed her emails before Benghazi happened? And they finally received a small amount after my gang over at Judicial Watch sued her for them? We already know factually, that Bill Clinton authorized Top Secret missile hardware and softwear to be sold and or given to the Chinese. We know that Hillary Clinton used her diplomatic status to do favors for the nation’s enemies. Oh btw, did anyone ever find out what happened to the 12 to 21 missiles that went amiss right off the ship that nobody can account for? Most believe the Syrian’s got them but hey, this was just a bit before the attack on Benghazi Libya!

FBI huh…Not quite America’s best.

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