Are we Losing our Rights?

thYeah, this is certainly one of those “bad days” as it pertains to politics and/or leadership for me today. You know I just hate tremendously writing about negative things happening to our country. However, I will always be the kind of person that will address those issues and matters that are of real concern to me; especially when it comes to our nation with the doldrums that we for some reason or another cannot seem to shake and rid ourselves of them.

Today I am only going to address three (3) matters and with the help of our Lord, I will keep them short.

First up:

This morning I was watching/listening to Fox and Friends news where Tucker Carlson was US-Constitution-Burning-300x150interviewing Rep. David N. Cicilline D-RI, the congressional member who authored the “Assault Weapons Ban” that apparently was voted on in the senate and lost earlier this week. The most fascinating aspect of the interview was that Mr. Cicilline was not able to give Tucker Carlson a correct definition as to what an assault weapon is by definition.  What is very apparent is that the people writing these make-shift bills simply are not qualified to even address the subject without making complete a$$es out of themselves.

And as a Post Script I’d like to mention that when watching a debate between two or more people – chances are the ones who are speaking the loudest are the wrong side.

Second up:

Propaganda pic4sAs much as it seems integral that Hillary Clinton does in fact receive an indictment for her not emails but rather her reckless disregard for “secured information” passing with knowledge aforethought, and to unauthorized people, can you believe the tactics being used to protect her lying ways? Husband and former President Bill Clinton meeting with the U.S. Attorney General on a private jet on the tarmac in Arizona?

However, not to be remised in anyway the current president, the liar-in-chief Barack Obama has asked the same organization, the Justice Department to put a “hold” on the available papers in email form that we are most entitled to as US citizens?

Third and over:

B2045_tnPresident Obama’s attitude of late has been anything but acceptable! Not only has he requested that the paperwork not be released until after the indictment forthcoming election, but he has added an additional two years on to that as well. Well here’s something that sure made my eyes open; it appears as though the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) got its original public knowledge and awareness when then President Lyndon Johnson tried in vain to put a 75 year “Hold” on the Warren Commission Report, as degrading as the Warren Report was and did not contain relevant information, who knows what investigators have found out by having access to it? (Think J.F.K.)

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