Latinx is used in place of the commonly-utilized Latino

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AP_784061618553-350x150Latinx is used in place of the commonly-utilized Latino, because as a gender-neutral descriptor, it better encompasses the many Latinx communities in the U.S.

Does that cover our lesson on extreme political correctness “American style” for at least one day. Now if any reader here should have a moment to archive just a bit have a trek through this site’s Categories, and up top a look at the pages my theory of how one of the key factors of political correctness is indeed the changing of the native language — which invariably leads to confusion about the very language of our society.

Immigration reform activists often laud the U.S. as a “nation of immigrants,” but before itIllegal_Immigration_UnderstandItO was that, it was, and still is, a nation of settlers. There is a direct connection between the colonization of the U.S., the development of its imagined community, and the criminalization of Latinxs as the embodiment of “illegality.”

Quite frankly that notion is abhorrent. Again, I agree with the original premise of settlers; however, to write and or believe in an imagined community is simply wrong. Ever heard of the word and meaning of ” sovereignty?” Here is a word splice from 1. emperor, empress, potentate. 3. government. 5. regal, majestic, imperial, princely, monarchical, kingly, queenly. 7. chief, paramount, principal, predominant. 10. effective, effectual.

The U.S., as a settler colony, developed out of European settlements in North America, enacting genocide on indigenous communities, appropriating land as property, forcefully incorporating enslaved African people into its settlement project, and declaring the land the rightful home to the European settler population.

Now a comment: What nation other than England, France, Japan, Spain, Portugal, Russia, or very near every nation on the earth has declared what they have invested in or won by war was not the recipient of what they had conquered?

Unless my education was at least expensive and incorrect; however, it seems to me what I recall is that it was Spaniard’s who conquered what is now called Mexico. We all should know that Brazil was originally black-Hispanic yet was conquered by Portugal thus the language spoken there. Oh yes, not to be taken incorrectly, but in Mexico at the time of conquest there existed well-advanced tribal people that ruled Mazatlan, Aztlán which the Aztec’s were guardians, and of course the Mayan’s from down south in the Yucatan peninsula.

illegals bitcgiingOf course people born in the United States today do not think of themselves as settlers, instead they prefer and believe the term native-born, which naturalizes the idea that some belong and others do not. But make no mistake, every non-indigenous person in the U.S. consolidates the settler-colony; that includes many of us. In a multiracial, settler-colonial society, when we talk of citizenship, we are talking about more than legal protections—we are talking about having your humanity recognized. Illegality, or the perception of illegality, tells us that some people do not deserve human rights. (What?)

Another comment here: Again does anyone really buy into this pool of rubbish? For starters: Originally how recorded history has explained this is that North America as it is now called, was settled by the indigenous people of the land which in this case goes to Native Americans. However, that is a sentence I would expect from some obnoxious writer employed by the Huffington Post.

Comment: We all should know that original Native Americans were a nomadic and very tribal people that identified themselves normally by kingdom of the tribe. Many historians believe that during pre-Columbian history there were many Africans who lived in North America brought here by both themselves and as shipmates aboard explorer ships. As well as many ancient Chinese or Asian people.

The author of this myth involved story is Alexandros Orphanides. He is apparently a writer for the Huffington Post. As a feature I want to admit that the folks at the Huffington Post tried to acquire my services to write vis-a-vie immigration reform. My answer to them is obvious — it was this type of writing by Alexandros Orphanides that assisted in my decision.

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