Personal Responsibility

Personal Responsibility

B2045_tnAmong the many disturbing signs of our times are conservatives and libertarians of high intelligence and high principles who are advocating government programs that relieve people of the necessity of working to provide their own livelihoods.

Notwithstanding anything, Thomas Sowell is indeed one of the smartest, intelligent, and knowledgeable people I have ever incurred. I am not altogether certain that a day during my graduate education that I was not seeking anything to read by him. Needless to say Mr. Sowell has had a tremendous influence on my life.

Although given the first sentence of this paper, incidentally written by Thomas Sowell, and most of our readers here know that from our writing, even Milton Freidman’s quote on “Individual Responsibility” that if there is anything that is profound to our gang, it is the notion of personal responsibility.

Mr. Sowell, with the greatest of respect to you, I would like to suggest some other elements of societal change that has caused this vision. Wholeheartedly I believe that Americans are suffering from cognitive dissonance. Anytime that a society finds out that their president has purposefully mislead them with lies and fabrications as well as false stories on video tapes rather than offer the truth people are going to begin to see the tyranny. The same holds true when Janet Napolitano, former secretary of state, openly fabricates the real deportation numbers, the overall security of this nation’s southern border, etc.,.with the UN Ambassador, having her talking points edited and re-edited by the CIA, FBI and the POTUS something is beginning to smell like hell.foolmetwice-130x190

Two things if possible you could offer as an incentive: One, what the devil went on in Benghazi, and secondly, what is Barack Obama’s influence doing to a former government official who clearly (and by rule of law) has broken our well published laws? Here we have a person who is delaying an indictment while still holding on to the misrepresentation of a conflict tragedy.

Therefore to a large degree I would have to agree to disagree with Mr. Sowell’s assessment as he states in the first sentence. What I mean is that I would definitely have to look at his source material before I could openly agree with him. Contrarily I do see a group of people advocating government programs that relieve people of the necessity of providing for their livelihoods.

30emails-web-master675Furthermore I don’t have any logical nonsense not to identify who the groups are; moreover, I could go to the extent of sourcing every claim that I make. We refer to this group of people as democrats. We also see in our day-to-day lives just how much personal responsibility is not being attributed for, or regardless of how many of these democrats either don’t understand transparency and accountability.

Generations ago, both religious people and socialists were agreed on the proposition that “he who does not work, neither shall he eat.” Both would come to the aid of those unable to work. But the idea that people who simply choose not to work should be supported by money taken from those who are working was rejected across the ideological spectrum.    <!–more–>   or here.

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