Hey You! What gives?

Hey You! What gives?

On our best behavior as many of you already know — about six or so months ago wethG15U86AI dedicated “A Column” of space and gave it all the necessary journalistic compliments meaning that the majority of the writings under the page Commentary and Opinion would stand on its own — independently of any other material.

th3LJO4QEVWhen we released it we asked for any and all “writers” to please contribute so that whatever the topic was, they could express their opinions about it. Well now…we have had much success in particular with one of the lady employees on our staff; however, as a proprietor of this small citizen journalistic website, one has to do and just the same as the POTUS, make decisions based on the strengths and weaknesses of the entire enterprise.

What I am NOT saying here is that she is not a qualified writer. OhthRRBNMO3G contraire! She is perhaps the best of all of us at The Contemplative Thinker. However, it would be an abuse of her skills and expertise to wisk her away from her normal duties and ask her to write — oh she writes alright, just for another string of blogs and nationally syndicated newspapers. Believe me I would love to go on right here and right now about this person’s heart, brain, as well as her other many spectacular assets but that would embarrass her and I’m just not that kind of writer or person.

Yet what I am here to write about or certainly make mention about — that as time goes on the more and more disappointed I am to what little treatment in the form of raw tribute given to a person who has done more for all walks of life who passed away on to much more exciting things recently.

Muhammad Ali

No I am not writing about Michael Jackson or “M.J.,” The Jackson Five, Diana Ross, or even Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., or Malcolm X, or for that matter, let’s put Harriett Tubman on the twenty dollar note, make an official MLK day, and drop to our knees when “The Divine Mrs. B” or Beyonce is within our presence.

I am writing about a person who at one time had the entire world enunciating that “He was the Greatest” of all. Seriously I writing about a person that Kings and Queens and Emperors bowed down too. And nope, the mainstream media had nothing whatsoever to say about it.


With The Beatles

This person was indeed one of the forerunners of the 1950 and 60s Black Movement, early civil rights libertarians, and when this individual felt something was wrong that involved America he spoke up, rather loudly about it, protested – making sure to acknowledge his right to assemble, inclusive of every piece of thITYQV0M6paper the government demanded in order to do it. Let’s call that piece of paper “the right to assemble pass” or just the petition that anyone who plans on assembling must have for people to congregate albeit a park, street, or boxing match.

Again I am writing this to pay my humble tribute to the man, myth, and legend “The Greatest” Mohammad Ali. Where is his fanfare? Parade? Where is Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, who I trust will say “they knew the man…” and tell their stories; but by and large I am disappointed that there has not yet been anything done to show a nation’s gratitude.

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