A Different Perspective…if you will…

A Different Perspective…if you will…

gloryThink about this statistic. Nearly the entire white population of America from 1600 to 1970 (370 years) came from a geographic area of the world about twice the size of the state of Texas. The entire black population came from an area of West Africa about the size of Florida.

Until the event — the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 as sponsored and promoted by Edward Kennedy the nation was never less than 99 percent white Western European and West African black. That is a notion the we refer to as bi-racial and certainly not diverse. And I love this following line:

African Americans are every bit as much a part of Anglo-Saxon America as the actual Anglo-Saxons themselves. However, one may not ever understand America without talking about blacks and their contribution to America’s society and culture.

America is the only country to fight a revolutionary war based on the principle that all men are equal before God, and it is the only country to fight a nasty, bloody civil war to end slavery and redeem the promise.

African American’s contributions to the nation’s wars, and especially to its culture, make America what it is today. From the start of the Revolutionary War one must never forget about one of the most important outfits, General John Glover’s Marblehead Regiment, which provided the Continental Army with its first naval ship as well as stood guard at General George Washington’s personal headquarters.

And anyone try and tell me about Denzel Washington’s first Oscar (Academy Award, Best Actor, Glory) and his portrayal of an United States Colored Troop fighting for the Union soldiers with Matthew Broaderick playing Col. Robert Gould  Shaw.

No doubt fighting in the two World Wars blacks made an indelible memory on the consciousness of all Americans with their diligence to duty and love of country in the arts-notes-00010Tuskegee Airmen. Furthermore, in unrelated to heroism of wars, black Americans have tremendously moved with influence — rock music of course featuring Chuck Berry and Sly Stone, and Jimi, Motown, featuring (Everyone!) Michael Jackson, The Jackson Five, Miss Diana Ross, jazz, and of course the Blues, with B.B. King.

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  2. So interesting and yet so involved. My granddad has a world war II award. He also became a Licensed Practical Nurse. Amazing indeed! I can post it. My mom sings in the Statue of Liberty Band. This band is founded and conducted by Stephen C. Josephs. He is a Chief warrant officer. He has always been a friend to my family since I was a baby. I thank God for the contributions of Our veterans. Have a blessed day! 🙂


    • Jon-Paul says:

      I think it is in fact our veterans who are doing the heavy lifting these days. I also agree with you and your family inasmuch as I am always indebted to those veterans that I have met throughout the years and…proudly I am one as well. Thank you for your lovely words.


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