Obama a right-winger on immigration is unfair to right-wingers

10271625_738727066173535_5519494596076767310_nBarack Obama plans to raise as much as $1 billion to build his presidential library in Chicago.

I hope he puts in a “deportation wing.” It could be installed on the right side of the structure since, as president, Obama has approached the immigration issue like a right-winger. (Not quite, or anything close!)

In the latest example, the Department of Homeland Security recently announced that the administration is planning, over the next 30 days, a series of raids and a “surge” of arrests that could lead to the deportation of thousands of people from Central America.88760-full-300x158

These are the desperate souls who streamed across the U.S.-Mexico border and into Texas in the summer of 2014. About 80,000 arrived, mainly women and children. They mostly came from three countries: Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. At the time, many of these people were turned around and sent home — often back into harm’s way. Others were locked up indefinitely in detention facilities, without access to legal counsel or a hearing to assess whether they had a legitimate claim to asylum. And a third group of arrivals were processed by immigration officials and released into the care of family members who lived in the United States, with a notice to appear before an immigration judge and an admonition to await further instructions.

This catch-and-release system was totally chaotic. Immigration officials tried to contactDHS people with their date to appear and the location of the court, but the notices often went to unreliable addresses. People moved around the country, passed from one relative to another. Others were reached by officials and told to appear — in the next few days, before a court hundreds of miles away in another state. Thousands of people were found guilty in absentia of being in the country illegally.

Those are the folks that the Obama administration now intends to round up and send home, with a “deportation force” that would make Donald Trump proud.

They came unannounced, as refugees typically do. But they were invited. Their invitation is engraved on the base of the Statue of Liberty, and it’s addressed to “your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free.”

The freedom that this particular group of refugees yearned for was to be free from civil unrest and marauding gangs of violent youth in Central America that raped young girls, terrorized families and murdered teenagers who resisted being recruited into their ranks.

BMOn second thought, calling Obama a right-winger on immigration is unfair to right-wingers. Plenty of conservatives want to give the undocumented legal status. Not because conservatives like illegal immigrants, but because business likes illegal immigrants and they want to please business. This example is “true” to those ignoramus Americans; however, not even remotely true to a true conservative.

Flip that coin over, and you’ll catch a glimpse of a phenomenon that the media rarely talk about: liberals who favor deporting immigrants, or keeping them out to begin with, because they think foreign labor undercuts American workers.

This report was originally written by Ruben Navarrette, and was published in the Indy Star, a division of USA Today.

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