Ignite the electoral season with statements about immigration and border control

Ignite the electoral season with statements about immigration and border control

illegals today tomorrow DemocratsThe 2016 presidential primary campaigns are winding down to the relief of many Americans. Donald J. Trump, a Republican presidential candidate, ignited the primary season with his bold statements about immigration and border control.

The Democratic candidates for president consciously ignored any immigration position save the party’s robotically chimed liberal/progressive theme — all comers are welcome — no immigration laws need apply.

Meanwhile many Americans silently wonder about the survival of the United States with most illegal alien-immigrants having no interest in preserving the American national culture, ethos, heritage, and language. We feel that this notion is so apparent in telemarketing, low skill jobs (gas station) where illegal’s could care less about even treating a customer with respect and dignity.

As the liberal/progressive left constantly drones, “America is a nation of immigrants” in order justify its amnesty for illegal aliens and demand open-borders legislation.

Indeed, America is a nation of immigrants — legal immigrants who came legally through Ellis Island or San Pedro and worked hard, assimilated, and took their place in the citizenship line. Finally the most appropriate way to describe “a nation of immigrants.”US-Constitution-Burning-300x150

Americans are quietly asking, “What has happened to legal immigration?” Lest they be branded a bigot or racist, American citizens are stoically mute. Although we find it disgusting that any average American would not be able to instruct another person on immigration statistics, visa handling and control or even where to look.

In 1965, the Democratically controlled Congress passed the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965 that did away with quotas and made the Third-World nationals the prime receivers of immigration measures while limiting immigrants from developed countries.

Gradually, millions of uneducated unskilled persons came from under-developed countries.

Nan Pelosi_nIn 2009, the U.S. House of Representatives controlled by Democrats and Speaker Nancy Pelosi had a comprehensive immigration reform bill to advance what can be called Obamigration. The reform act that she was using was nothing more that the seven (7) times defeated reform act of 2007. How many times must the American people say “Nope we do not want this reform bill”?

This legislation was drafted following a closed-door immigration workshop held at the White House in 2009. Over in the Senate controlled by Democrats, the Majority Leader, Harry Reid announced an immigration reform “framework,” which may take precedence over the House bill.

Surprisingly, no immigration legislation passed with a Democratic President and a Democratic Congress. Wouldn’t you be asking “What the h*ll are we doing wrong.”?

Neither Hillary Clinton nor Sen. Bernie Sanders will comment on this failure.Clinton-Email-Scandal

The founding fathers understood that citizenship was the keystone of the Republic. Illegal aliens who refuse to assimilate, keep their own languages and cultures, and who seek to balkanize a nation are intruders capable of great harm. That much we know from their personal writings, so why does current leadership think otherwise?

This is evident by immigrants demands for separate but equal policies. One only need look at England and France and see what immigration means with no defined leadership.

Theodore Roosevelt said it well, there can be no place for hyphenated Americans in our country, yet that is what the Democrat party promotes.

A combination of congressional malfeasance, presidential imperialism, liberal judicial activism, and bureaucratic ineptitude makes for chaotic immigration policies which are, in 2016, the most politically mismanaged, incompetent, and over-regulated policies in our history.

Candidate Trump has obviously realized that illegal immigration is a silent worry of most Americans, not necessarily their main worry.

Americans mainly worry about jobs, the economy, national security, and national sovereignty knowing full well their worries are all interrelated and linked to immigration.

Citizens know that the number of illegal aliens in the country exceeds 11 million; however, are you willing to accept a number closer to 20 million?

The citizens know the Democrats and the news media have been touting this exact number for more than seven years — nothing stays that stagnant, especially the illegal immigration number.

another GlockThe outrageous daily killings in Chicago, the murder capital of the country, involve many Hispanic criminal gangs, such as, MS-13, Latin Kings, Gulf Cartel, and Los Zetas.

In the first three months of 2016 Chicago had 141 killings and 677 shootings, according to the Chicago Tribune. Meanwhile, the Obama administration released 124 illegal alien detainees and they were charged with murder either before or after release.

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