7 ways Donald Trump is just like the Founding Fathers

“7 ways Donald Trump is just like the Founding Fathers”

A Trump“7 ways Donald Trump is just like the Founding Fathers” written by Lisa Belkin featured in the news on most browser front pages is an extraordinary article and I recommend that everyone who plans on voting should make it a must read. The article addresses mostly the candidates albeit Donald Trump or Sen. Ted Cruz. However what makes Belkin’s piece so entertaining is that she, in all earnest, tries to tell a story based on facts and then suggests that the reader’s do a bit of history to illustrate that this current mess has gone on before starting with the Founding generation candidates.

I would like to submit some differences however. Studying history as we know does not always contain facts; moreover, when it comes to the mainstream media just about everything that is offered by this medium of press is so blown out, or cut up, or reported intentionally wrong. It is to these parameters which I care to address.tumblr_inline_o58i40xx6a1smb3m3_540_png_cf

Lisa Belkin’s article covers just about everything that is griped about today from: “Name calling, Speaking of Sex and the Sexes, Called each other Cowards, Basically calling their Opponents ‘insane’, and they called on The End of the Republic.”

Some of this brief history course is definitely needed by just about everyone. However, to save some grief and other challenges, get a good look of how these people spoke of each other’s family’s, spouses, children, and who came from where and it is a great exercise.

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