Trump’s Campaign — by Riyadh Mohammed

Trump’s Campaign — by Riyadh Mohammed

simmering melting potDonald Trump has done what few politicians have been able to achieve in this century: He has brought disparate immigrant groups together to oppose him in what some think of as a new “melting pot.”

The concern now is, will the melting pot have a tragic meltdown?

Dear Mr. Riyadh Mohammed: I have always found it rather disrespectful when any person begins to discuss something that originated and is part of America, and henceforth, knows very little if anything of what they are discussing.

Moreover, reading in The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Brietbart News, Politico, as well as other specifics by world renown authors about who is financing this “disparate immigrant groups” that you allege Mr. Trump is achieving to bring together to oppose him in what (who was it again?) some think as a new “melting pot.”

Riyadh Mohammed, do you even understand what the melting pot is or represents? Quite openly I did not think so. By the way, what is so disparate between these immigrant groups?

The New York Times describes the passion and strength some Mexican immigrants are beginning to show against Trump and his hateful rhetoric. Their strategy as legal residents is to become citizens by the November election and help deny Trump the presidency. Federal data shows that naturalization applications rose 14 percent during the six months ending in January.untitled33

However for authorities to thwart that type of nonsensical behavioral planning there is one notion that ought to be considered. In brief if authorities used the status of “legal residents” as a deterrent to the amount of illegals that have literally invaded this nation — then the prediction would remain lesser legal residents, lesser illegal immigrants, thus assisting to stop the invasion.

For Latinos, fear of deportation, separation from family and being treated as second or third class citizens is a powerful motivation. “This is viewed as not having a moral compass,” says William Blakely, from his office in Annapolis, Maryland.

“Furthermore, to leave one’s family in another country, boat, shelter, or otherwise while living here in the United States is clearly valued as a law breaking exercise as well as irresponsible parenting,” added Mr. Blakely.

For Muslims, who have also been targeted and reviled by Trump, it’s even more: Fighting Trump, who represents a large and growing swath of the American electorate, is a matter of faith. (A very inappropriate bit of word choice.)

This is a tremendous low blow by The New York Times insofar as they have managed to combine religion and politics within the same category.

America needs to get tough with immigration laws and even tougher enforcing those laws. Most of all America needs to STOP being such wimps on illegal immigration. Regardless of the money made by allowing this disgusting mechanism from happening, it is ostensibly still leaning toward America’s decline by allowing it. Even if looked at on an only on a “sometimes” poll.

What needs to be realized in this situation is that the USA collects approximately 11.3 billion dollars in property taxes per year from those who are not allowed by law to purchase homes. Let’s just look at the notion of ObamaCare or other forms of medical care. Although the president states that the “undocumented persons” in this nation will not receive healthcare benefits. That is what President Obama is stating. However if one would take the time and realize just how many waivers have been issued to these groups, moreover, the amounts of money that is built in to the actual Affordable Care Act, such as ObamaCare that is allowable to illegal immigrants is between $120 to $200 billion dollars.

After a string of strong primary wins, it’s likely that Trump will be the Republican candidate for the 2016 presidential election. But what impact would his presidency have on U.S. homeland security?

According to the conservative think tank the Heritage Foundation, the year 2015 witnessed 15 terror plots or attacks in the US, more than any year since 2001. At least three more were uncovered in 2016. Almost every one of these plots and attacks was inspired by ISIS. There are also about a thousand open FBI investigations concerning ISIS-related cases, in all 50 states.


An Iraqi multimedia investigative journalist who covered the Iraq war, corruption and ISIS for The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, and Mashable, he also served as a communication coordinator for the Iraqi Ministry of Justice.


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