California is in no position to even try this one

California is in no position to even try this one!

attorney'sThe federal government is responsible for creating permanent immigration policy. But in the absence of congressional immigration reform over the past decade, states are taking matters into their own hands. This is a bold move; however, it also helps out the Tenth Amendment regarding states’ rights.

Who knows how they will handle the scenario? I researched this matter and accordingly the US Supreme Court will be hearing arguments from two diverse states, Texas and California.

I cannot tell you what is going on in California other than what I have read. Seriously, 518jDbeTdAL__AA160_when one is actually in the state what is not heard is praise or compassion. In California what is heard is uninsured vehicle operators, without licenses, and without any sort of true identification items.

They drew a sharp contrast with Texas, which has complained of the burden imposed by immigrants and led the legal fight to block Obama’s executive action.

The California leaders told the court the undocumented immigrants who are working and raising families are making the state stronger, better and more prosperous. About one-fourth of the nation’s undocumented immigrants live in California, they said. Does anyone remember the case in San Francisco commonly referred to as the Kathryn Steinle Homicide.

“Representing just 7% of the state’s population, [they] make up 34% of its farm workers, 22% of its production workers and 21% of its construction workers according to one estimate,” they said in a friend-of-the court brief. Yes, but why are they there?

illegals today tomorrow DemocratsFar be it from me, but if some state leader can espouse these numbers then I have two things to make comment on: One, it would be far better addressing the real problem which seems to be in the amount of farm workers, furthermore production and construction workers. Two, if the USA government continues to make massive executive actions and henceforth legislation the real problems will only get worse, more persistent, and unruly.

Some estimates say as many as 60% of California’s farm workers are undocumented, they added. “Today, the undocumented workforce alone contributes $130 billion to California’s gross domestic product (GDP) — an amount larger than the entire respective GDPs of 19 other states.” So are we to chase the money and pretend that the government has already set forth fines for those organizations that will not follow the law. What about E-Verify?

“It’s easy to get caught up in the white-hot political debate over this issue,” said Jot Condie, chief executive of the California Restaurant Assn. “But for us, this simply comes down to people — our fellow churchgoers, classmates, neighbors and hard-working individuals. Millions of loving families hang in the balance. Kicking the can on immigration reform can no longer be an option.”

Obama’s stalled program, called Deferred Action for Parents of Americans, would offer relief from the threat of deportation and a work permit to about 1.1 million Californians pallets of moneywho are parents of legal children. The brief cites a UCLA study that estimates this program, if put into effect, “would generate 130,000 new jobs in California alone, increase the collective wages of undocumented immigrants in California by more than $5.5 billion annually and support public programs with $3.8 billion in new business, personal and sales tax receipts annually.” Simply follow the money.

It began when Texas and more than two dozen (39 actually) other Republican-led states filed suit in Brownsville, Texas, contending Obama did not have the legal authority to defer deportation to a large group of immigrants. The judge agreed Obama’s plan appeared to be illegal, and he issued an order that prevents it from taking effect. The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the judge’s order by a 2-1 vote.

Zukerberg and Obama1 Texas lawyers responded by arguing the president had violated this constitutional duty to “faithfully” execute the laws. On Jan. 19, the court agreed to consider that issue, potentially turning the case into a landmark test of presidential power.

Please see this scientific research report put out by the Rand Corporation.

Why don’t we just ask the ACLU if in fact the American citizens are able to defend their own territory against such an invasion?

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