Who is Standing for What..?

Who is Standing for What..?

3ringcircusJust try and pick a candidate — any one of the lot, either Democrat or Republican — and as a conscionable person, please ask yourselves, each other, or just about anyone what a particular person from either party stands for. This is one heck of an opportunity people.

I would like to think that this piece of citizen journalism, hereinafter known as reporting, commentary, to include journalism is primarily focused on our Millennial population; however, truth be told this article is being written for whatever generation (X, Echo, Baby Boomer’s, the lot) and again it is noted that the Millennial’s we believe have the most to lose, ergo the most to gain.

There is some uniqueness going on within these campaigns that has slowly starting to rear its ugly head and face. And we believe that what it is really not something that is that new, it is just gotten away with more often than before.

What it is I hasten to add is that all candidates bellow out this “Immigration” noise, throw in just a bit of “War on Terror,” then we get the “Economy” this or that. What is missing perhaps starting with President Obama and let clearly go by the wayside, is some type of explanation of what each candidate is going to do about the problem.

1500px-DesertStormMap_v2_svgAllow me to start with Hillary Rodham Clinton. This privileged misleading, lying schemer has an F.B.I. team of experts conducting an investigation into her conduct at the U.S. Department of State and it is not going well for Mrs. Clinton! It certainly shows that this women was over her head with Top Secret as well as Security “official eyes only” information and was using an unsecured server to send and receive this information.

Now for those who do not know, this is law breaking, felony behavior that winds people up in jail. Many people in the Washington D.C. confines speak so easily about “The Clinton Way” to describe a behavior that literally means, it is okay to lie as long as one can get away it, cheat until one is caught red handed, and always — stall, stall, and stall.

This behavior infuriates me beyond reproach! Some people spark, “…she was cleared inthT0Y3F0RG the Benghazi scandal…” now why was that? Perhaps just maybe it was the stall, waiting for official State Dept. documents to be viewed by the Committee on Government Reform and Conduct. The just maybe it was stall with Mrs. Clinton passing out, with lumps everywhere, and a stay or two in the most expensive hospital’s known.

For anyone and everyone who has had intentions of voting for the first female President a simple question: Why is this privileged woman not in custody?

Two others for here and now. Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Marco Rubio. While Rubio defected and went to the gang of eight to give illegal immigrants a free walk plus a pathway to citizenship already knowing that the illegal individuals had already broken the law to get here is hapless and hopeless. Now the person has completely changed his mind and is now anti-immigration pathways to citizenship as anyone can be. Why the change?

Senator Ted Cruz is just about the same. However a little smoother, what I have a problem with is his conservative understanding. He has changed his position like underwear. All we are asking is for you folks to stop belittling your colleagues and start telling us about your plans.

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