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imagesC083B7C4Today is a nice day to open up a mystery as it were, perhaps a story, opinion, or a wild paper. Argument, the assessment of facts, or hopefully for some it will be a cause for action. Please do not be illusioned insofar as everything that gets put down on paper here — is fully sourced, vetted, and therefore we can call it factual.

The idea has presented itself that for some reasons the entire entry into this country — USA — for at least a century and one-half (150 years) has not only been a cluster of events; moreover, it has been a cluster that has no guarantees, no reasonable person or persons to curb the fate of extraordinary devastation, until finally it is safe to say that the organizations that happen to be given authority over this cluster have only added to the demise of the Founder’s will, and have clearly not measured up to what they are paid to be doing; furthermore, there seems to be an almost and quite deliberate attempt to do the opposite.

Surely one would think that if there were an organization instructing agencies to tell individuals to ignore what the Founder’s stated (U.S. Constitution), not to do one’s job, show up to work is for budgetary concerns only moreover, be deliberate when doing the opposite to the person who illegally wants to gain entrance to our nation would you want too?

I have a friend named “Tom Tom.” For the sake of writing this story Tom suggested that I refer to him as “Mr. T. Tom” or “Tom Tom” or “Mr. Tom Tom.” I realize that this may seem weird to you; yet, Tom works for one of the authority agencies and quite openly explains to me that “it is his family’s lives he is concerned about…not his own, but rather his family members.”

ICE1282014_0In my day to day discussions with Mr. Tom he suggests that I write this little story about immigration like, “Come by Air, Land, or Sea.” I have opted for “Come to the Red Carpet.” My primary reason for opting for Come to the  Red Carpet, is by the means which organizations treat those who unluckily get apprehended.

We should all be aware of the complete malfunctioning of what used to be INS which is now referred to Department of Homeland Security with the handling of some 80,000 illegal immigrants, unaccompanied minors, the forbearance given to the children’s families and DHS, USCIS, as well as US Customs and Immigration Enforcement (ICE), (ATF) as well as the US Border Patrol we ask, are you doing what your job description purportedly says you are supposed to be doing?

Absolutely NOT! I have looked and looked and researched until I spew — and nowhere does it state that you are to issue cash money to illegal’s for living/hotel expenses, or for eating in restaurants and food support. Don’t want to believe me? Please have a look at this well-prepared writing (click here).

Remember Mr. T. Tom? Here is what he explained to me and it concerns airport exploitation. At Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), inspectors reported that supervisors instructed them not to respond to concerns from airlines about illegal immigrants elsewhere in the airport because it would distract them from their number one mission: processing passengers!

In a memo issued by the Los Angeles acting deputy port director Michael Cochran ordered inspection agents: “Unless there is some special, extenuating circumstance, we are not to respond to calls from airlines requesting that we examine the documents of suspected illegal aliens…[Even] if something ‘special’ does come up i.e., suspected terrorists, kidnapping, slavery, or other, we should not go and arrest groups of people.”

One disgusted LAX inspector’s reaction to the orders: “God help the American public.”

It is now time to look at perhaps the most comprehensive and informative pages that make the internet “worth it” to illegals. As we start this process I ask that you look at the amount of visa’s issued, the type of visa, and where does one apply to or send communication too.

U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service
U.S. State Department
U.S. Justice Department, Office of the Inspector General

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