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Little dude on question markAh…how so many of us wonder — and keep on wondering — in essence looking for something that simply is not there. Ah yeah…is it that something is not there for us at the time we need it, or has the illusive that thing not there when we expect to see it, or simply, is that not there at all? Here are a couple of notions that I have found to rescue me when the illusionary thing I desire is not heard from nor seen by me at anytime that I choose. Just one more interesting thought before I get into this — why is it that although you or I believe that some given overture from our government leadership will not be successful in reality, why do they go ahead with their plans anyway and hope that enough time will transpire so that no one will notice or even remember their take on it?

This is what I intend on addressing in this article. Of the first part how many people have wondered if America is a Christian nation or not? Well roughly gauging from the hits selection of Google as well as Bing that one question has been asked and sought after more than hundreds of millions of times. Now then it took me kind of awhile to come to terms that “No,” America is not a Christian nation, so what? What I did find out is that America was founded and/or settled with a large predominance of Judeo-Christian people.continue

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